Monday, July 4, 2011

Unexplained Absence, Explained.

A few people have been asking me lately why I haven't been blogging as much. Mom says we get a lot of something called email, which means people ask where I have been and what I've been doing. The truth is, not a lot. Mom's mother, Nana, has been kind of not so good lately. We used to go and see her at The Arbors, but now we go to a place called Charlene Manor, which is a nursing home. I think that means "more people that like to rub my ears" or it seems that way so far. Mom used to work at this place. I wonder if she misses it there. It seems nice to me.
I still go to the yarn store on some Fridays to deliver eggs. Some days I can't go anywhere at all because mom is at places where dogs my age, and with my minimal training, can't go. Apparently I have to have a special class before I can go to a place called "hospital". From what mom's been saying, they need me there! She says that once I finish my therapy dog certification I can go, but I can't do that until I am a year old. I think Nana will be gone by then. But I can maybe go and see other people who don't feel so good.
Other stuff I've been doing:
I play. Mom or dad try to throw the ball for me every morning, and sometimes if mom knows it's going to be a long day she leaves me with a bone to chew, a beef bone. I love them.

Learning to sleep out of my crate like a big boy, and not howl at mom or dad until after 6AM. This has been REALLY hard.
Hanging out with my friends. This is me and Jack at Dad's birthday party. I like Jack a lot.

Hanging out with my bros. This is brother B. He smells good.

Hanging with mom and dad on the deck in the evening when mom is done with Nana and dad is done with StupidWork. Mom says that StupidWork pays for my kibble so maybe I should shut up about it. But it's dumb. Both of them gone so much, it annoys me a LOT.
I have not been back to school yet. Mom says maybe soon, now that Nana is settled in a new place to live. Mom spent a lot of time this week cleaning out Nana's old house. Now all of her stuff is in our garage and it smells funny and not like our stuff at all. Mom says I may NOT pee on it, which seems pretty stupid to me. Then it would smell more like us. Speaking of pee. I had a urinary tract infection, which I don't think I understand, except that it means I get AMERICAN CHEESE twice a day! Mom says it is medicine. HAH! That's MY kind of medicine!

Oh. Mom brought home all these stuffies.
Then she said I could not have them. How fair is that? Votes, please! I think I should get to keep them. Mom says they can go someplace called eBay and I can have a hoof or an ear or a bone instead. I am not sure how I feel about that, but since she has the thumbs, I think I am stuck!