Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I will try to blog a little today. Mom is always so busy now. Summer is a busy time here, with chickens and things. She has DUCKS and won't let me eat those either, and TURKEYS which I also can't eat. In fact I get in trouble if I try. I got out with mom three or four times a week for walks or errands or visiting or all of those. I love the nursing home. Everyone is so nice and compliments me. Mom stands behind me and says I am spoiled, and a brat, but I don't think she means it. How could she? I am very good on the elevator now, and wheelchairs and walkers don't bother me usually. Sometimes if one moves differently or gets close I might shy away a little. Laundry carts, meal tray carts (I love those!), and medication carts don't bother me. I love the people, too. Mom still tells me to stay OFF and I have a hard time obeying. I want to get close to the people. They pet me and rub me and most of them let me give them kisses which I LOVE to do. Sometimes if I get over-excited mom has to make me calm down. It is hard not to get excited when you're young.
(Immediately after Mom saw this picture on the big screen, she cut my toenails off. She loves to do that and I hate it! I only stand because there's food after.)
I am very much all boy, all the time. I do not believe in sitting still for long. Sometimes I nap and then I HEAR things, like a bird or the wind, or something mom can't hear.
Then I WAKE UP and run to the noise. There are a lot of noises here between the chickens and the woods.

Mom has been finding new places I can go in to. I can go into CVS and Walgreens, which is really good for me. I have to be VERY good and mom says "act like a service dog" when we are inside. We walk sometimes on the bike path where there are other dogs. I was much better with other dogs before my testicles got so big. Mom says one of these days she's going to chop them off with scissors if I don't knock it off. I kind of like them, though, so I try to behave. I think she might just do it one of these days if I am not careful.
Nana is not dead, which is supposed to be a good thing, but I think she makes mom kind of crazy a lot of the time. She does not take care of herself, which she thinks will make her die faster. She may be right, but I heard mom say she'd outlive us all. I hope not. I kind of want my real mom back, the one who's not distracted and tense all the time. That's why I have not been blogging. It's exhausting trying to make mom smile at LEAST once a day!