Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life is Good

I love this place. We have a new house and it is amazing! Boo still thinks he is in charge, which is crap. I am. Everyone knows. Except Boo.
 I had duck feet this week. Dried duck feet. It was heavenly.
Momma and I were running 3 miles, three times a week, and now she is broken and I am SO BORED! It stinks. She puts on the skinny black pants, but leaves me here. She says she has to ride, or has to swim. It's all crap. I want to RUN!

A while ago, men came and dug holes and I watched them on Yoshivision. Today different men came and put new windows in the new house. I was worried about my Yoshivision, but it still works. I saw the squirrel through the window and wanted to kill it like always. Mom says I have to wait until tomorrow for a picture with the new windows, but this is the old windows:
I liked that day. A lot happened on Yoshivision then.

I still go to lots of places. When we go to Agway or Tractor Supply I can "be a dog" (says mom), but when I go to Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid, I know I have to behave, and I do. Home Depot threw me out, sort of. Mom had seen other dogs in the store, so she brought me. When we got to the door there was a sign that said "No Dogs". She asked, and the man said people were not "supposed" to bring dogs. Mom said we had to follow the rules.
Rules suck. Just saying.
Mom says I may have my testicles taken off soon. I am not sure what that means, but it sounds bad. She says if I had not developed allergies, she might have let me keep them. I don't get the connection, but she does, and she's the boss. I am wondering what this whole testicle thing means. It sounds kind of scary, but I am hoping for the best.
Edited to add: This is the NEW Yoshivision! It is louder, and more fun. I can HEAR the squirrel and the trucks! I LOVE it!