Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Life is SO Big!

It's really kind of amazing. My life has always been pretty big in dog terms, but lately it just seems SO BIG!

First, I got a brother that I love so much. I don't even know what I did before this brother. We do SO MANY things together. We play:

We watch YoshiVision:

We take naps with Daddy:

Mommy has taught me a lot about loving, and how the more you love the more love you have to love other, new people. I admit I was skeptical at first. I mean, really. Who needs brothers? Who even needs friends?

After all, solitude is good, right?

 (mommy and daddy will never have nice furniture. never.)
Being alone is just fine.

Besides, brothers break your heart sometimes, and who wants that?

But mom says that when you share something, it gets bigger, not smaller. So if I share all my brother love from Boo with Bradley, it turns into BIGGER love that I can share with others. I like that. Besides, it means there's someone to take the fall for you...

and someone to bring a little fun into a kind of average sort of day, even if they have thumbs and are a Girl.

It means you are never, ever alone

Mom says you're never, ever alone, not even when you want to go potty or lie down on the couch just for two minutes, even. But I think that's a lot better than being alone. Plus, who wants to go potty alone?!?

I mean, after all, we're all better off when we have someone to share things with us right? I think Mom is onto something with this who sharing the love thing.

Or I thought she was. Until today.

This is Mandy.

Mandy is something called a Shih Tzu, AND she's a GIRL, which is so gross. Mom says she is going to stay with us for a while until her human-dad gets out of the hospital. She says that Mandy needs us right now. Mandy has never really been a dog, never had a pack, and never had food like Bradley and I have. She doesn't even eat bones! Can you imagine? Mom says she "needs to lose a few", and Mom is going to help her do that.

Well, I don't like GIRLS, and I say this is my brother, and we do BROTHER stuff and we don't have time for some dumb old sister, even if she is a foster sister who goes back home someday. Nope. We are brothers. No sisters for us.

In fact, I can't even see the smelly old sister thing. HAH. That will show her! I'll let you know later if my plan of ignoring her makes her go away. I sure hope so. I mean, love has it's limits after all. GIRL limits.