Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What Did I Do Before?

Before I had a brother, I know I did things, but what were they? They could not have been as cool as NOW! Yesterday we had a big fight over bones. I know that brother stole my beef bone, and I did not forget it. I waited a while, but then I got angry at him. This time he got angry back at me. I was very, VERY sad. I have been much less angry since then. No one has ever gotten angry back before, except mom. I am not scared of him. Not at all. But I decided that he can come into the bedroom now. And I let him sit on my side of the car. Mom said I "needed to get my clock cleaned for once". I did not know I had a clock.

Bradley even likes being loved, which is kind of strange. He asks for love on purpose. Mom and Dad seem to like this. I am still not going to change my mind on the subject, so they can love him all they want. Gross!

And he plays frisbee with Dad, and brings it back. I do not understand. I make DAD go get the ball after a time or two, but Bradley acts like it's fun to fetch things.

Yesterday Mom gave that brother a new beef bone, and he growled at her, so then she did the same thing she used to do to me - she put it down then took it away, put it down, took it away, over and over and over, while telling him that it was HER bone and he could only have it if she said. After a while he did not even raise his lip at her, and waited for her to say he could touch it. I came over to see what was going on, and his lip came up again. So then Mom made him do the whole thing over - put it down, take it away, put it down, take it away! I am really glad to know that she makes him do the same stuff she makes ME do. And I liked watching him suffer, I will admit. I sat there and watched until Daddy made me go away and stop being a pest. I think his name may be 'Bradley Leave It', just like my name is 'Yoshi Leave It'!

This morning mom took us for a hike in the WOODS! We saw a bunny, a turkey, a squirrel and a LOT of bugs. We smelled a million things. Bradley found a dead thing, but because Mom had the leash on him he did not roll in it. But we both wanted to. Mom said we have enough dead things at home. Lies!

We got very filthy in the mud, and waded in a stream. Bradley LIKES WATER! Mom dragged me in, too and I splashed and squirmed and jumped right out. Who DOES that?? On PURPOSE!? We walked on trails with weird names. Some of them were footpaths and others were so wide you could drive a car on them. There were fallen trees and a lot of water in all of the streams and low spots. It was very buggy in the woods, and after a mile mom said she'd had enough - actually she used a bad word when she said it - and we headed back to the car on more trails with weird names. I want to go there again. We have been here before. Mom says she and Dad used to go there all of the time with Kioshi, but then when Boo came they stopped going as much because he was so scared of all the things. I am not scared of any of the things. Neither is Bradley!

When we got home Mom turned on the shower and went to get a towel. When she came back Bradley was IN the shower! She decided that was a sign that we both needed baths, so she got MORE towels and gave ALL of us a shower. I think the shower is better than the bathtub, but I still do NOT like baths. Bradley acted like it was the best thing ever. After we all had showers, and had turned the bathroom into what Mom called 'a flood zone', Bradley and I raced all over the house. We shook and jumped and played. Then Bradley did this:

And Mom was so busy laughing at him, because before this he was rolling around and burrowing in the cushions and being generally adorable (I even laughed at him myself!) that she could not tell him to get off, and just took a picture instead.

All in all I think the brother thing could work out for me. It is really nice to have someone to do stuff with. This brother is not like Boo. Boo never wanted to go anywhere because he was blind. Bradley wants to go EVERYWHERE, and that makes all the places more fun. Mom and Dad are great, but they are different than me. Bradley has four feet instead of two, and he has fur, and he likes the things I like. I never see Mom and Dad with a raw bone, for example. And Mom never tries to roll in dead things. She acts like she can't even smell them. But Bradley loves them, just as much as I do! And he rides in the back seat with me, so it isn't as lonely back there now. I like him. When he does not take my stuff.

Now I think I will rest a bit. But don't think I am asleep - nope, not me! Bradley can sleep. I am just resting my eyes a little.

Brother or no brother, I am still ready to take on ALL the things ANY time!


  1. YOU GOT HIM?? This makes mooch very happy.

  2. I'm so glad you did that " leave it" with him! Had never growled here, usually just let me take it! Ha ha, poor Yoshi, yup, Bradley likes to steal but if Cheetah growled he would just back off!