Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crime Doesn't Pay

And neither does messing with mom. Since my decision to NOT lay down during my CGC test, here's what's been going on.
Mom makes me lay down with Boo.
She makes me lay down in the powder room when I follow her in.
She makes me lay down in the kitchen when I follow her there, too.
She makes me lay down next to her chair when she's working.
I even laid down under the table at The Green Bean in Northampton.
There's a bunch of other places too. All day long, all I hear is down, down, down. Sometimes she gives me a treat, most of the time she does not. It's like when I was little and she was teaching me all of these things. She thinks I am STUPID and a BABY and don't know how to lay down!
Maybe I made a mistake. I don't think I am very happy with the outcome of messing with mom.
I hope she doesn't make me repeat the whole class again. I could have passed. I just didn't want to!


  1. Hey Melissa - I kinda forgot to fwd you a link to Moldova's Eurovision entry... enjoy!

  2. I love this last pic. Yoshi, you look downright wistful.