Thursday, May 12, 2011


Remember when I said I had a trick or two up my sleeve? Well I did! I totally failed that dumb test! TAKE THAT MOM! I am seven months old and I do NOT have to do what you say! So there!
I don't get why she won't give me my chicken gizzard now. She's looking kind of annoyed at me. Maybe I should reconsider and work on being good? I should think about that. But for now I am enjoying being bad. It's FUN!


  1. You are in so much trouble kiddo!. I'll chalk this one up to teenage rebellion. Watch out for how tough the training gets from the parental units until your next attempt at the test. Better grown up some in the next few weeks. It may be cool to look bad but it's not cool to be bad. I feel bad for Mom and all her hard work with you. Now she has to repeat/reinforce all that you were supposed to learn the first time.

  2. (psssst: Yoshi! If mom won't give you chicken innards, you can come live with me 'n' Pam . . .shhh. . .don't tell mom!)

  3. Smart dogs, like smart children, WILL do dumb things sometimes, just sayin'