Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have been here for eight weeks

I cannot imagine being anywhere else, and mom says she can't imagine it either.
This was me then:
And this is me now:
(I am a sculpture artist now - I work with Mini Slinky.) Mom says I have grown up a lot. She says I am very handsome. And she says she adores me. I like being adored.

This week has been exciting with a lot in it, and it's only Wednesday!

On Monday we had to go to the store for grain. I got a lot of attention at the co-op. I really like that place! Mom bought me a Kong Wubba. I like it. It has a squeak! I got a whole piece of chicken jerky, but in little bites. I did very good at my not jumping, and I even sat and laid down for the girl with the jerky. That place is so nice.

Yesterday we went to see Nana at the Arbors. Mom and I took her to do some errands and then we visited for a little while. I met a lady who cried and called me a "blessed angel from heaven". That made me feel really good. I like visiting the people there because they seem so happy to see me!

In the afternoon it was raining, and so mom decided to turn on the treadmill. She has not done this yet, and I would have been just fine if she never had. I hated it. This was me when mom first turned it on:

It was trying to eat her. I had to do SOMETHING!!
Mom decided that it was not ok for me to hate the treadmill. I was fine with it. I am fine with all of this stuff I hate. She has this thing about me not hating anything, ever. Picky. She went and got my leash and collar and spent some time with me. About five minutes later...

I decided it wasn't so bad. I wish I knew how she does that; how she makes me not afraid and not hate everything. She's sneaky. Or maybe she's magic.
In a little while we are going out again - to Brattleboro to mail some things, buy a frame and buy some other things for chickens I am not allowed to eat (yet, mom says) - and maybe something for me, I hope, although dad says I have too much stuff already. But we will see. We are going to a feed store, so maybe they will have something I need really really bad, like a cookie! Or a new hoof!


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  1. Melissa, this is too cute. It is amazing to me how protective our critters are and how simple it is to show them that some things are okay. You and Yoshi are doing super. He is so cute, I should say HANDSOME and smart.