Monday, April 18, 2011

A Week Behind

Monday (last) - Today I sneaked down into the basement around the gate again. Mom was on the phone having an important call with Nana and she could not come and get me. I stole Boo's bone and got up on the couch with it.
Sometimes he snaps at me and other times he does not. When he snaps at me he gets in trouble, and I get the bone taken away. When he does not snap at me, I get the bone taken away. I don't care. I am still going to steal it every chance I get.

Tuesday - We did not do a lot of school practice today. Mom thinks I do better if I have a day where I don't have to work a lot just before a day where there's a lot of work. She may be right. We did a little bit of the "off" and "stay" stuff around the house and in the barn. I don't like waiting while mom fills the waterers for the birds. She makes me sit and stay. The barn door is open, there are chickens everywhere, and I have to just SIT there like a lump and not chase them and EAT them. Not a lot of fun for me.

Wednesday - Grandpa came to visit and I got to get on the dining room table and be rubbed and lay down and socialize with him and mom. I had to "leave it" the (fresh from the oven and still warm!) banana muffin and the coffee mugs.
That was hard work, but I did it. I think if it had been fish I would not have done so well. A while after Grandpa left, Mom put me in my crate in the afternoon and LEFT ME. When she went to brush her teeth I cried a lot, not a whine or a bark, but a long, low howl. She did not buy it. She left me in my crate and walked right out the door. In fact she actually said to me "You're fine", just like that! I was NOT fine. I was VERY upset. Mom was gone for hours. Two of them. She had a meeting and she said dogs were not allowed. I don't believe her. I think she made up that part so she could go alone. When she got back I was glad to see her, and we hung out and played for a while. After dinner we went to dog school and I did well I think. Mom is trying not to give me any treats during school now because she can't give me any during my test. She only gives me treats at home about every 6th or 7th time that I do something. Mostly I do stuff anyway and hope she will give me things later. I had some trouble "staying" when there was a distraction. Amanda rolled a ball and made noise while I was in a sit-stay. I jumped right up to play and then I could not take my eyes OFF of Amanda for a long time. I kept hoping there would be more BALL! I love balls. School is usually all work, but a BALL is NOT WORK! Mom says we need to work on that so she is hoping that people will help tomorrow at Webs when we visit Friday.

Thursday - This is a slacker day. Mom seems to like taking a day off now and then, which I find very dull. She finds things for me to do, though - we go for a walk or we play a lot of ball. I think something bad happened to a baby chicken. Mom says now there are only 50 meat birds. I asked for the broken one after it was dead, but mom said no. Not fun since now I LOVE chicken! Mostly today is knitting and practicing things from school and watching movies. Mom says she is working all weekend so she is taking her weekend now.

Friday - In the morning we went for a jog in the woods. That was fun. I practiced heeling on the way home and I did well. I LOVE the woods! Then Mom left me home for errands. She said she had too many places to go that dogs can't visit. I was not happy. It made for a boring day. At night Toby and Kristen came. They are fun, and I like them. But everyone was loud and laughing and having a good time WITHOUT ME. I am not sure about that. We went to bed at MIDNIGHT!! I KNOW I did not like that!

Saturday - Dad took me for a short walk in the morning and when we got back mom was gone. She was gone ALL DAY. I am not sure how I feel about that. She was working at the yarn store. I want to go and work with her.

Sunday - I explained about how it would be great if I worked with her, but mom said no. She said there is a sign in the classroom that says "No dogs". Dad took me for a walk again but I wanted my mom. Dad watched a movie with me, and that helped, but i wanted MOM. I need to help her understand that she needs to stay home. She says she is not going to always stay home. I don't like it.

Monday - This morning we went for a jog in the woods again. We went farther than last time. There's a lot of up and down hills. On the downhills mom goes very slow and takes little steps; something about "shin splints", whatever that means. I have learned not to cross in front of mom, no matter what. She stepped on me once when I did. OW! We took a bath after. Well, we took them separately - mom first and then me. I am getting used to having my legs and belly washed. I kind of like it! I am GLAD mom was home all day today. Tonight I pulled a bottle cap off of a 2-liter bottle. I loved it!! Watch me here:

More soon, I promise!
Love -

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  1. Love the video. Especially when the cap seems to hide under Yoshi's paw. Remember they also serve who sit home and wait. Skritches.