Monday, April 11, 2011

No Time For Blogging?

That may be true. Mom is preoccupied with some important family things a lot of the time right now. She still is typing my words for me, so I have to wait for her to be free.

Wednesday -
I had school and I did well. I got better at my stay, which made mom happy. I still pull a little and get distracted easily, but Christie, our teacher, is really good at making distractions that we have to get used to. People walk around us and make noise and doors open and close so we learn to follow and heel even when there's stuff going on. This makes mom very happy. I worked a LOT on "off" - not jumping up on people - which I stink at. I want to be UP where people are not DOWN on the stupid floor.

Thursday -
I know we went out but I don't remember where any more. Oh yes I do! We went to Brattleboro! They have a store there that sells chicken things and mom needed a feeder. We were going to ship some packages too, but the man at the shipping place was rude to mom so she left. She says it doesn't pay to get angry when it's so easy to just walk away. At the Agway in Brattleboro where we got the chicken feeders I was petted and I stayed off mostly well. People in stores reach over the counter with cookies for me, and I jump up to get them. Mom says I have to learnt o wait until she SAYS I can get up. Until then I have to stay OFF. Off is confusing and I don't like it. Up is easier.

Friday -
Friday is my favorite day of the week. We delivered eggs to Webs, and I saw Auntie Mary and Auntie Kathy. I showed them how I can do stuff, like sit and stay and lay down and stand. Mom made me to stay in two different places in the store and she had people distract me, which was really hard. We did one with food distractions, and I stopped and ate a piece. I was going to eat another piece but mom sounded serious about me leaving it, so I went to her instead.

After that we went to Elgar and mom left me there in my crate and went out. She left me in a strange place in my crate! I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but I did very well and was quiet the whole time.

Then we went to visit Nana. We took her to do an errand at a store I cannot go into called Wilson's. Mom took me for a walk instead, around the block. There was a motorcycle that I did not like at all, but I did very well on my walk mom says. She thinks I pull too much, but I think she makes me stay too close. I am more right.
After the walk we waited for Nana behind Wilson's and I watched a man sweep the street. A lot of people and cars came and went in the parking lot and I ignored them mostly, which makes mom happy.

Nana wanted to go to a place called Wendy's. Mom said she would take her as long as she didn't have to eat anything from there. Nana got a fish sandwich, french fries, a soda and a thing called a Frosty that mom says is delicious, addictive and therefore evil. I believe her. back at The Arbors Nana tried to give me a french fry, but I spit it out. It was gross! Then she gave me a piece of the fried fish in her sandwich. I spit that out too.
Last she gave me a piece of bread from the bun, but I just sniffed it and would not even take it from her. Mom says I am her boy and this proves it. I do not like junk food. Give me REAL fish, not all fried and funny-smelling! Yuck!

Saturday -
In the morning Mom tried to brush my teeth again. Now that the baby ones are gone and the big ones are in she says it's time.
For now I get to lick the brush and chew on it a little. Sometimes mom wiggles it around in my mouth. I am getting used to it, but it feels weird.
Boring!! In the extreme!! Mom and dad spent almost the WHOLE day in the barn, cleaning it!
For a while mom and I rested on the deck, but I don't think the deck is really for resting. I wanted to sniff and look and whine and bark. Mom made me lay down and be quiet for a long time, and then she let me go back inside. She says that by the end of the summer I will understand about the deck. All I know is I can smell EVERYTHING out there! Foxes and coyotes and bears and weasels and chickens and I want to go and FIND them ALL!
I can see them if I stand on the table. I KNOW I can!

Sunday -
Mom killed two chickens in the morning. They were roosters and she says the yard is much quieter now without them. First she kills the chickens and then she has to clean them. Boo and I stayed inside; I slept in my crate and Boo laid on the floor near me. It seemed like it took a long time. When mom came back in she smelled really, really delicious, but she would not let me lick her jeans. No fun. She did bring us special treats, though. We went out on the back deck and she gave each of us a chicken heart! Boo spit his out. I ate mine and it was DELICIOUS! Then she gave us each a half of a liver. Boo spit his out again. I didn't! I'm not stupid! It was the BEST thing I ever ate! Mom put Boo's spit-out ones away and she says I can have them another time. Boo wants them cooked. Weirdo. Sometimes I am not sure he's a dog.

Mom rested for a little while and then we went for a ride with dad. We went to the bike path in Turner's Falls again to walk, only we went further this time. I met some dogs and some people, and a little boy with a bicycle. He liked me better than his bike. I got to see the canal, where the water comes right up under the bridge.
We walked down by the canal for a while, and then we walked back up the main street which is called Avenue A. At the top of Avenue A near where we turn to go back to the car I smelled something really good. It's a place called Holy Smokes.
Mom decided we could go and see what they had. She bought ribs, then said I couldn't have any! Where's the fun in that? We were the last customers. I had to wait outside with dad while mom got the ribs. But I like this place anyway, and I hope we go again sometime. Mom likes to take me to that path because there is so much going on. Cars, motorcycles, people, bicycles, dogs. She says that's all good stuff for my brain.

Girl's friend Faun came over and they watched movies at night, so I had snuggle time with mom downstairs in dad's cave again. It really bothers me that Boo is down there and he ha a bone that I think should be mine. I have my own bone that mom brings, but it's not as good as his, I know it. He thinks mine is better. Every time I leave the room, he tries to steal it. We steal from each other a lot. Mom says we are bad boys and stealing is wrong. She makes us give back the stuff we steal.

Today April may come to visit. Mom said she and April might go to the zoo. I hope it rains to they stay here. I like April!

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  1. Let's see. There's a lot going on in this post. I love Brattleboro. My daughter was born there.
    Going for walks and visiting people are all good things to do. While I like Wendy's I don't like fish and am slowly losing a french fry addiction so I may agree with you on what constitutes food.
    Bike paths are one of my favorite places too. Lots to see and explore. Keep working on the Boo's stuff/Yoshi's stuff. Have a good week and take it easy on Mom. Looks like she has enough on her plate and could use some down time. Behave and give her lots of dog-lovin' and knitting time.