Sunday, April 3, 2011

javascript:void(0) Hey. Did I hit the wrong button?

I have learned so many things since I came here. I think some of the best things I have learned involve this thing mom calls socialization, which sounds like something you do with other dogs or people, hanging out and stuff, but apparently extends to things like this:
On March 21, Gerbil bought Girl the gold birthday balloon of death. I hated it. I didn't care what mom said, it was evil. Even when I would get close enough to eat kibble off of the floor around it, I knew it was evil. It moved in the wind. Sometimes mom slapped it and MADE it move. Evil. Then the other day mom decided that it was time for me to get over my balloon problem once and for all. After a few minutes I decided it was actually kind of fun. I took the clip in my mouth and carried it around the house. I did it again. And again. The balloon bounced behind me, and I decided that it was REALLY fun!

On Wedsnesday we started Canine Good Citizen class. Our teacher is Christie, who is friends with mom. I decided that this meant I could get away with a lot of nonsense, like refusing to lay down and stuff. It didn't work. Mom made me do it all anyway. I guess we're going to get to meet strange dogs, and I have to do all kinds of things for a test that will happen in six weeks. There was a shopping cart, and two other dogs who didn't seem to like each other much. It was fun. I like school because it's an evening out with lots of smells and stuff, even if mom makes me behave.

On Thursday this week, the day before something called April Fool's Day, mom and I did errands. There was a rumor that we were going to get snow - a lot of snow - on Friday. Mom decided we should deliver eggs early, on Thursday, instead of waiting and seeing if snow would fall.

We started at Elgar and delivered eggs to Katy. I got to meet Alexandra, and I saw Jean and Katy and visited for a little bit. After Elgar we went to Webs to deliver the rest of the eggs. Aunt Mary, who usually is at her desk waiting for me, and Aunt Kathy, who's usually not there when we come to deliver eggs, were both in a meeting. We delivered the eggs to Tina. Mom made me do stuff like a recall from across the room with all the distraction in the office. I went to see Girl in the warehouse. I saw a LOT of customers and I worked on not jumping up. It's hard because I am little and I want to get close to people, as close as I can! Jumping up seems the best way, but mom always says no.

Aunt Mary and Aunt Kathy eventually came out of their meeting and I got to see them, too. We found Aunt Mary near customer service. I know it's kind of egotistical, but customer service really, really loves me! They get very excited, and this week they even gave me PRESENTS!! There were some wool things that needed a new home, and I love to sleep and lay and play on wool things. We got two sweaters and a rug all of this mom said needed to be felted. I just wanted them NOW, but mom said no.

We left Webs and went to Dave's to get special food for Tucker. I have never been to Dave's before. It was AMAZING! There were fish and rodents and birds and other dog smells, and a bin full of toys that said "50% off" which mom said I could pick ANYTHING out of that I wanted. Almost. She said no to the rubber chicken. I got a Lamb Kabob from those Funny Farm people, the same people who made my Tossed Chicken Salad toy. We got Tucker's food (I haven't even met him yet!) and we headed home.
It was kind of a long morning. (Dig my car seat harness? I am getting over it. I don't love it, but I live with it.)

After we got home, mom took my new stuff from Kirsten and Sara, my new wool things, and put them into the washer with hot water and soap. Then she put them in the dryer. They got small and thick and PERFECT for me to lay down on and roll around in.

I have a favorite; the striped one. Apparently it is made with Aunt Kathy's yarn, which makes sense. She must have good taste, too.

Yesterday kind of stank. Mom and dad left me here to go to a Farmer's Market, which I am pretty sure I would have liked. Mom wanted me to come along, but dad said no, that it was good for me to get used to being home alone sometimes. Now I think HE'S on to me! Anyway not much exciting happened after that. We spent some time on the deck. I have to be on a long leash on the deck because the railings are big enough for me to get my whole self through. Mom says I will get used to the long leash, but I think she should just let me loose. Boo gets to be loose. Unfair.

Anyway, this morning mom and dad took me with them. First we delivered the dog food that we got on Thursday to Tucker. I met him. He was nice, and my-size. Mom did not take a picture of us because she was busy juggling leashes. I think Tucker and I could be friends.

After we left the food at Tucker's house we went for a drive and ended up at this place with seagulls and a river and a bike path. Mom called it Unity Park. I saw a lot of new things. I saw new dogs, four of them, all from far away. I saw kids on swings, and people in cars, and people walking.
I saw a little girl on a bike and I saw seagulls. SEAGULLS!! I am pretty sure they are the best things ever. They fly! I like to watch them go over my head.
Mom let me go down to the river, which she's pretty sure is not ok, but I am spoiled so it's fine.
I could see the bridge from where I was. Mom says there's a dam too. if I looked the other way and squinted hard, mom said I could see Grandma Judy and Max's house, but I didn't see it. Apparently when dad was a kid he spent a lot of time in this river. Mom says if I am very good and wear a life vest she will take me out on it in her kayak.
All in all, I thought the walk was fun, except for the Silver Can of Death.
Mom says I will get used to it, just like the balloon of death and the vacuum. We'll see!

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  1. Those things of Death are really so over rated. Eventually there will be less of them in your world because you'll get to know them like the balloon. Sounds like you are becoming a well behaved dog person with lots of attitude. Hopefully someday I'll get to meet you. Have a good week. (Now to go read your next post and see what Mom is up to.)