Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If you think I am gone...

I am not. Mom's just been busy with work, and away from home. Dad takes pictures with his phone to send to mom, like this:
This is the cat tormenting me by sitting on my crate.

Or this is a good one.
This is me waiting with my tissue box with the kibble inside of it. I actually figured out that if I flip the box over I can chew through the corners and get to the kibble without having to put my face into the hole on the top of the box. I'm smarter than mom sometimes.

Mom was gone for two days and I did not like it much. She went to New York to teach a class. I was ok, but not thrilled. When she came home I was very excited; maybe a little too excited, so mom actually ignored me until I calmed down. She said something to dad about separation anxiety which is apparently a bad thing so it's important that I don't catch it. I like to think it was hard for her not to get right down on the floor and rub me all over. You couldn't tell by the way she was acting.

Anyway, being home alone with dad is not bad, but it's not as exciting as being home with mom. Dad took me for a walk one day, which was nice, but he doesn't make me practice all my skills during the day. He does make me wait for supper!

I have lost almost every tooth I ever had. My new ones are bigger and I like them, but for two days I have not felt much like chewing things. My big top right canine fell out while mom was gone, and then a smaller one fell out yesterday. I have one big one left on the top left and mom says it is loose and almost ready to come out. I will be glad when I can get back to the business of hard chewing on my bones and things.

Mom is pretty dull for a day or two after a work trip. She is all about catching up on things and resting, which I find boring. She says if it is warm today we can have a long walk, and I will like that. I think I am to start school again this week, but I am not sure if I will be doing Canine Good Citizen, Rally Obedience, or both. Dad thinks one is enough, mom can't make up her mind.

Heartgard is GROSS! Who invented that? It's as bad as peanut butter! There should be a salmon flavored one.


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  1. First the cat looks bigger than Yoshi.
    Second not looking so much like a puppy anymore. Must be the grown up teeth.
    I agree with Dad on the classes. One is probably enough but you are smart enough to handle both if that's what Mom wants to do. Have a good week!