Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Month

I have been here for just over one month, four weeks and two days to be specific. Here's what I have learned:

Mel, the cat, is not another Shiba. He is not mean, but wants me to think he is. I do not believe him.

Boo, the buffalo, is old. Sometimes he falls when we come in from potty walks, and mom has to go and help him. I get excited and jump on him and mom tells me no. I don't think I want to ever be old.

Girl and Jeroth worship me and let me "get away with murder", mom says. They are my puppy sitters, so if mom and dad are gone they are in charge. Which really means I am in charge. Mom says they need to work on that.

Mom is a kibble machine. Her pockets are always full of the stuff, and she will even hand it to people who want to get me to obey. I LOVE food.
I can do all of these things, mostly without being told twice most days:

wait (this is shorter than stay and I can wiggle a little)
heel (fast, slow or normal speed)
go to your bed (I just learned this one and I am very proud!)

Mom says that this is a LOT for a puppy my age, and so when I mess up or get "twerpy" she is very patient with me. Sometimes she calls me "Mister Twerpy Twerpsicola from Twerpyville" which I think is her way of not calling me a socially inappropriate name.

Daddy is the BEST toy ever!
My name IS Yoshi! I know it very well now. I also pay attention if they say Yossi, Yosh, Yoshiko, Yoshmo or Little Man, because sometimes they mean me.

Today we practiced loose lead walking, which is not my best thing. I think I should be in front all the time. Mom thinks she's the leader. I did better after we'd walked for a while and I was a little more receptive. I am learning that sometimes when we stop I have to sit and other times I have to stand. It's a little confusing, really.

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  1. I know I'd need lessons in the differences of when to stand and when to sit if I were a puppy your age. I'm glad you have the new bone and lots of folks to keep an eye on you and even play with you.

    I'm pleased that you know your name (and some of it's derivatives). Those extra names happen a lot to youngsters.