Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Selfish Mom

Last night she would not let me have the computer. Something about work. As if that could be more important then me!?

It was a pretty quiet day, though, so maybe it's all right. I did not eat yarn. I did not chase chickens. I did not get into any trouble at all. We practiced some school stuff; sit, down, stand, stay. I waited for all three meals.

I found my tail.
At night we took mom's car to the car place and dropped it off, then rode home with dad in his car. I guess all the cars have to go in this week, one after the other.
Today I tried to carry two balls in my mouth at one time. I had them and I showed mom, but before she could get the camera I dropped one. Oh well. Next time!
I will keep trying, because it is fun.
Today my Lupine package came, so now I have a new collar and leash. I also have a long lead and a training tab, but mom says those are for later. The tab does two things; first it makes me think that I have a leash on when I don't have a real one. Second it's good for holding me in place before I begin off-lead work, which eventually mom says I can do. I wish I could do it now. I like her and all, but there's a lot of things I'd like to investigate that she thinks I am not ready for. I don't think she will ever think I am ready. The long lead is for when we go for walks in the woods, which mom says will happen when the snow leaves. Personally, I don't think it is ever leaving, but she says it will. She says that then I can investigate a little more, but not more than 15 feet from where she is. So my long lead must be 15 feet long. Fifteen feet sounds more fun than four, which is what I have now. Boring!
This afternoon we went to the car place to get mom's car back. We left the truck behind to be fixed tomorrow, then dad's car will go in last. I met Ted, who fixes our cars AND goes to Disney World and on Disney cruises, which apparently mom and dad do as well, and I met three people in the waiting area. One girl was very nice to me and said I was adorable. Another lady said she used to have Shibas, and that I was the most beautiful Shiba she had ever seen! I was very happy. I sat while she petted me. She had her Shibas 20 years ago. I think that's a long time.
After we got the key for mom's car we took it to another place so it could be inspected. Trust me, I have inspected every inch of that car, but mom said this was different.
I was very good inside the inspection station. There were children. I was very interested in them, but very calm and patient.
A lady came in and got down on the floor and petted me. Mom made me sit and be good. She asked how old I was and mom told her. She said that I was the best behaved puppy she had ever seen, and then added "And I know dogs!" She told mom stories about her dogs, and mom decided she did know dogs. Mom thanked her, as if she's the one who was good!
One of the children came over and saw me and mom said that if her mom said yes, she could pet me. The mom said yes, and so mom made me sit and be very patient - and I WAS patient, all on my own! One little girl stood in front of me and reached for my head, but then she jerked her hand away. It was really hard to sit and wait, but I did. She did that a few times, and a couple of times she sort of petted me, but it was more like a tap on my head. I sat and wagged politely the whole time. Then the other little girl came from beside me and patted my cheek, kind of like a tap too. I turned my head and smiled at her and wagged. I didn't jump. I didn't bark. I didn't get hyper and crazy, and most importantly I did not snap. Mom was so proud of me. Our car was done then, so we got up to leave. Mom was ready to get me into the car since I had been so very good. Tapping me on the head or on the side of my face is like being smacked by your mom. That's how mom dogs discipline puppies. Strange kids whacking me on the head wasn't the most fun I have ever had, but I managed to handle it with very good grace, I thought.

I heard mom tell dad that she wanted to explain to the kids how to pet a dog the right way, but I heard her say that she figured it was important for me to be around all kinds of people, and maybe even especially around people who don't know how to pet a dog. That way I will know that even if they are doing something that seems not quite right, I will still be patient and good. She also told dad that now that we've had an interaction with kids who don't know how to pet a dog, we need to find some kids that DO know how, so I can see the difference.

I've had a good two days. I heard a lot of strange sounds at the car place today and I didn't even flinch. Mom wants the train to come back during school tomorrow. I don't want it to, but if it does, I bet I can handle it!

Oh. My Lupine? It's Earth Day, and it's perfect! Mom wanted to get a picture but it got dark before she stopped working. The woman is obsessed with work today. Knit, knit, knit!!

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  1. I caught a glimpse of your Earth Day collar in the picture of you at the inspection station. Mighty fine. You were such a very good puppy with those children. I'm proud of you even though you don't know me yet. I would skritch your ears if Mom said it was okay.