Thursday, March 10, 2011


That's me. Dumped. Mom and dad left me home for 36 whole hours, and there was nobody here but Girl and Gerbil. Then Girl got really, really sick. Then Boo got really really sick. By the time mom and dad came home I was really glad to see them. They are not sick. I'm glad! I love Gerbil and Girl, but my heart belongs to mom and dad. Dad teased mom and said I would forget her by the time they got home, but I did not forget! That made mom happy. I was happy to have dad back to play with - mom plays, but he plays BETTER!

Mom brought me a very fun new toy that is called "tossed chicken salad". It has a squeaker and it has wings that crinkle when I step on them. She also got Boo and I cookies shaped like a lobster and frosted with special yogurt frosting, but she says we can't have them until he's better. I don't understand exactly how that's fair. She and dad also found me two of my favorite right-sized tennis balls in Portland Maine at a place called Fetch.

Tonight I did kind of ok in school. Some things I did really well at and others I really could have cared less about. My loose leash walking was better, but not perfect. I did not want to lie down from a stand. I did not want to have my teeth and ears looked at and my paws touched. I wiggled a lot. But then when we practiced recall, where mom calls me and I have to run from Pam, our trainer, to her through a line of people holding dog treats, I totally amazed mom by only stopping once and then just for a second! I made it to her within the ten seconds allowed. Mom was very happy.

It turns out that my friend Emma has not been spayed. Her doctor wasn't sure; she was a "found dog" and no one knows her history. Tonight was my first time being around a girl dog who's in heat. At first I didn't even care, but then something seemed very different about Emma. She acted differently toward me than she usually does. All of a sudden I KNEW that something was VERY DIFFERENT and I started to think that maybe there was something I should do about it. Just when I got the idea, mom snapped my leash back on and said that was enough playtime. It's like she KNEW what I was starting to think! She says that in my life I will encounter many girls like Emma and I have to learn how to be a gentleman and not a rude bad boy. I guess. I am not even sure what it was I wanted to do, but I know I wanted to do SOMETHING. Now I will never know.

With mom gone for a day and a half I did not get my regular practice in yesterday or today for school, so really she's lucky I played along at all. She wasn't really in the mood herself, I thought. She looks like she could use a nap!

Anyway, because she wasn't here there's no pictures of me. She and dad and Girl tried to make a movie of me with my new chicken toy, but it's too dark now.

Next week, if I am very, very good, I can graduate from Basic Obedience. Then I can start my Canine Good Citizen training at the end of March.

I can't believe mom just LEFT me here. You don't think she will ever do it again, do you? Boo says that when the orange backpack comes out it is time to worry. You would think that with someone like me here, she would never need to leave home again, wouldn't you?


  1. Just a thank you for sharing Yoshi with us. I think this has the makings of a wonderful children's chapter book!

  2. Don't worry Yoshi you will eventually find out what being in heat is all about and what part you play. I'm glad your Mom decided you'd had enough playtime before you figured it out.

    Oh and I know that orange backpack will come out and, yes, Mom will go away but, she'll be back and you'll remember her just like you did this time.