Monday, March 7, 2011

TWO new things today!

First, mom gave me my very own beef bone, raw, and with bits of beef still on it!
I love it. I hope it lasts a long time, and then I hope there's new ones. Mom tells me it is from a grass fed cow that lived right up the hill from us in Shelburne at Wheel View Farm. All I know is it tastes pretty good! She makes me keep it on the blanket or in my bed; something about her hardwood floors. She is much too picky.

Then this afternoon when it was rainy and boring, mom took an empty tissue box, pulled the plastic out of it, and dropped some kibble inside.
This was fun too.

For a while, anyway. But then I remembered my beef bone!

Mom says that after she and dad have dinner I will get my nails trimmed. Here's hoping she gets so busy with dishes that she forgets!

My posts may get shorter now and there definitely won't be one every day. Some days not a lot happens, and some days mom can't get me to a computer. And some days my brain doesn't work well and I forget everything I ever knew, like my name or all my commands. On those days mom spends so much time gently helping me to remember that by evening I am all worn out.

I like my Lupine collar much more now. Mom gives me a kibble sometimes, so I have learned to sit still when it gets put on or taken off, just in case there's food. I do love food! Mom says that in a couple of months there will be chicken parts for me to eat. I can't wait! I think if you have to be a dog a farm that makes meat is not a bad place to end up!


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