Friday, March 4, 2011

Fridays are my FAVORITE days!!

I love Friday! I decided this week officially. When mom got the egg bag and my bag and I knew for sure we were leaving I got very excited. We drove to a parking lot first and I got to meet mom's friend Donna for the first time. They met a LONG time ago - 25 years - in a class about having babies. At first it was fun to meet Donna but then they just did women-talk stuff and I got very bored. I tried to let mom know I was bored. I think she got my point.
Next we went to Webs to deliver eggs and see all the customers and staff. I was petted a lot, but did not do so well with my sit for petting today. Mom did not have any bait so I blame her. She did have me do some short sit-stays in the office. I tried, but there's so much going on! And Mary took my picture, because I am so handsome:
Then we went to Elgar to deliver eggs and then mom took pictures of Katy in her new sweater next to a brick wall. At first mom made me sit and stay. Then she let me wander a little bit (on my leash), and I discovered the coolest new thing ever! Digging holes!! It is SO fun!! I got covered in dirt and mud. My nose is STILL muddy and mom says I can keep the mud on until bedtime. I really loved the mud! I hope there's more hole-digging SOON!!
I am having trouble staying in my own seat in the car. When we drive with dad, I get to sit on mom's lap. When I ride with mom... well... I want to sit on MOM! But she says she has to drive. I think I can help. She says no. We argue, and she wins but I am not happy about it. Anyway, today I managed to get as close to her as I could without being on her. She was a little worried about the shifter since I was stuck right up against it, but it worked out ok. She ordered me a special car harness which I do not think I will like. She says it will keep me in one seat. I think that sounds awful! Maybe if I complain she'll give me a hoof or a flip chew or something. I hope so. Staying in one seat sounds pretty dull.
Mom's car ran out of gas and died in the road today, but mom got it started again. She's never run out of gas before, ever in her whole life, and she was very worried that she'd have to get help. She says we "coasted on fumes" to the gas station. A very nice man pumped gas for us and even went inside and got me a cookie! It was red. I liked it a lot.

When we had gas in the car again, mom took me to the feed store so we could get some of the food that I was eating at my first home. She tried to change me to Boo's food gradually, but it still gives me bad stinky gas. When mom wasn't paying attention I tried to steal a rawhide chip from a basket on the floor and I got in trouble. Then the manager came over carrying two big post things. They scared me, so he stopped and told me to sniff them. I did, and then he set them down and petted me. I like him a lot. First, he has a dog-friendly business. Second, he's a dog PERSON. He said that mom was doing a good thing by taking me out places, and said that I would grow up to be a very good boy the more I got to see and do. He also said I was beautiful. I like hearing that.

In the car, I leaned on mom's arm - she wouldn't let me on her lap - and I fell asleep standing up. Mom must have put me into the passenger's seat because when I woke up that's where I was. And we were home! We came inside and I had lunch and tried to pounce on Boo, but really I was too tired. My whole afternoon consisted of this:
Dreamy, blurry, warm, sunshine-y napping!
Tomorrow, mom says, will be a day for errands and a walk in the city. I hope it's as much fun as today was!

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  1. I'm very glad to hear that Mom is getting you a car harness. I think, while you may not like it at first, you will at some point in the future. Think of it as your very own seat belt that Mom has to put on everytime she gets in the car.
    Keep up the practice on sit/stay and behaving while being petted because it will gain you many more friends than being afraid. Have a great weekend.