Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

This has been a very busy weekend! I bet I forget most of what happened just because it's been so very busy around here, but I will try.

On Friday night mom gave me my last DHPP vaccine, which did not hurt as much as the rabies one did. Because mom was a people nurse she feels very comfortable giving me my shots at home when she can. She ordered it online from Jeffers Pet, and it came with a needle and everything. "Very handy", she says. Of course it wasn't being stuck into HER skin! But it was OK, because I did not even flinch. Mom does not make me get every single vaccine that is available. She does do the ones that are important for puppies, like distemper, parvovirus, canine hepatitis, and parainfluenza. Mom believes in certain vaccines for puppies and especially for puppies who get out a lot, like I do. When I am bigger mom will use a system of vaccination and titers that is a little less aggressive than what most dogs get. Vaccines can be very helpful in protecting dogs (and people) against disease, but the overuse of vaccines may be, mom thinks, a little like the overuse of antibiotics - not necessarily a great idea. I guess Boo had a very bad reaction to the Lyme vaccine a long time ago, which made mom start asking questions. She read a lot and learned a lot and decided that a conservative approach to vaccines is best. I also get the nasty in-my-nose bordetella thing. Yuck!

On Saturday we ran errands. We started at the transfer station which is very dull. Then we drove to Keene again and mom and dad left me in the car while they were in Target. This time I had to wait for fifteen minutes all alone. Moms ays that pretty soon it will be too warm for me to be in the car alone, but for now it is good for me to be used to strange noises with no one there to play into any fears I might have. I think I will be glad when it's too warm! Next we went to Petco, which I think is my new favorite place. I walked through the parking lot and was not afraid of the cars at all, but I knew they were there for sure. Inside Petco it smells SO good! In fact, it smelled SO good that I peed on the floor. Mom picked me up so I stopped peeing, and then she found a lady to clean it up. The lady didn't seem to mind at all. Mom was less than amused, but she bought me stuff anyway - a ball to hide treats in and a squeaker that is so loud no one will let me play with it. She got a bag of free kibble, too, made from salmon just like my food is. I like it. It's for school, mom says. Mom says I can have the squeaker on Monday when everyone goes back to work and we're alone again. It's a circle, like a frisbee, that just SQUEAKS, and SO LOUD!! I LOVE it!!

I met a LOT of people at Petco. I even had a group of college students, about six of them, following me around. At least mom said they were college students. The girls were in Ugg boots and pajama pants and the boys wore jeans and sweatshirts with zippers. A lot of people asked what I was (SHIBA!!), and how old I was. Some people asked if I was a good pet. Everyone complimented my behavior. Sometimes it worries mom that people see me being so good and get the wrong idea - that somehow a dog or a breed of dog just IS good. The truth is that I am so good because of what I've seen and done and been taught since I was born. When people say I am well behaved, mom tells them that it was a lot of work to get me here. I am glad she says that. We work hard, both of us, to make me the kind of dog I know I can be. Anyway, I got petted a lot, and I sat well for petting almost the whole time. After a while it was a little overwhelming and when people wanted to pet me I really wasn't interested in them any more. Mom walked me back to the car through the parking lot and I did not even notice the cars. I slept the whole way home in my crate in the back seat.
At home, I played in my tunnel a lot. I take all my best things into the middle because I know that Boo cannot get in there. Mom puts the tunnel away most of the time, but when it's out I like it!
I walked outside in the rain and fog and I do not like it at all. I do not like the water on my feet and I do not like peeing on the dead grass. I try to get into the snow every chance I get.
Boo feels the same way.
I am glad he does because it makes me feel better.
There are DEER here! I don't like them. I bark at them and mom tells me to stop.
I think they should be chased away. Mom does too, but she has a thing about barking inside for "no reason". Her idea of a good reason and mine are not the same thing.
I can HEAR them!!

Today mom left me alone with dad so she could go shopping for bridesmaids dresses with Donna and Shannon (who is something called The Bride) and Girl (who is the Maid of Honor) and Tiffany and Brandy (who are bridesmaids). All alone, just with dad. First he made me have some structured crate time, which was boring, but I slept through most of it. Then I had lunch and we watched "man movies" together. It was cool. But I missed mom a little. Don't tell her though.
Tonight is a relaxing night. I managed to get out of having my toenails cut because mom was gone longer than she expected and she had too much to do when she got home. She says tomorrow when dad gets home from work, but we'll see if I can help her to forget or something.
Somehow I doubt it!

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  1. Looks like you and Mom are pretty attached and that those toe nails will get trimmed soon.

    Deer in the garden is one thing. Deer in the trees are another. I agree with Mom on the when barking is okay.