Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Mom Gets Busy

I get no computer time, so no blogging! It's very upsetting. Mom has not been taking nearly as many pictures of me either which I think is almost rude. She's so all about work sometimes. Boo is better now, which is good because it really was smelly in here. I hope mom never has to shave the hair off of my butt because I stink! I'd rather have a bath I think.

I did not get my nails cut on Sunday. Today is Tuesday and my nails still have not been cut. Either mom has forgotten or she really has been preoccupied. I am feeling very sneaky about this. Mom says not to get too comfortable because today is not over yet.

Grandpa Dan and Karen came on Sunday to visit me. They said it was for eggs, but of course that can't be the real reason! I am not supposed to jump on them, but sometimes it is very hard not to. I am little and I want to put my feet up on people so I can get closer to them. Mom says no, not unless people ask me to. I sat on mom's lap at the table for a while, but they just talk and don't play with me or anything so it can get boring fast. And now mom won't let me on the table. She has decided that it's not a good habit to get in to.

There are chickens everywhere inside and out. Since mom won't let me chase the chickens outside, I chase one inside. Sometimes dad makes it more fun for me!

Mom got me a new car seat harness and I HATE it! I belong on her lap or wandering around the car loose. She is very wrong about this, but seems very determined. The first time she took me out in it was on Monday. We went to the Farmer's Exchange and the Arbors to see Nana. I wiggled as hard as I could the whole way to get out of the harness, but it did not work. At the Farmer's Exchange I got to go inside with mom and get grain and shavings for chickens. There were not a lot of people there but there were a lot of employees and they all lined up to pet me. I sat down and was good almost the whole time. I had to wear my harness into the store which I thought was embarrassing. I do not like it.

Mom bought me a hoof even though I stole a cookie off the floor. It was shaped like a peanut and it tasted like peanut butter and I didn't even like it. Mom was mad at me but then one of the girls said that she had dropped it on the floor and forgotten to pick it up. Mom said that didn't make it ok for me to take it. It is hard to know what is right and wrong sometimes. Food is food, if you ask me!

I had to be belted back into the seat while mom got the grain and shavings. She got out of the car and closed me in, then opened the back of the door so the shavings could be loaded in. I watched very closely from the front seat. Then I got loose in the car! I stepped on the seat belt thing and there was a click and I was free! But I could not go anywhere because mom and the man had pushed the shavings into my way so I could not get really loose.

After we were done at the feed store we headed for the Arbors to see Nana. This time instead of being able to sit in the lobby and get petted by everyone we had to go up to Nana's apartment. I jumped on the desk when mom signed in and she made me sit. Then I had to heel, which means I can't just wander around, I have to stay right next to her. Then I rode on an elevator and sat in heel position on the whole ride up to the second floor. When we got to Nana's apartment I walked right in the door, but then the door closed and I got scared. I wanted to hang on mom and be clingy, and I whined a lot, but she just handed me my hoof and ignored me. I paced and whined more. Mom made Nana ignore me, too! After a while I decided it wasn't so bad in there, and besides no one was paying any attention to me. I started chewing on my hoof quietly, and then mom and Nana both petted me and played with me.

Today we went into town and mom left me in the car in that stupid harness while she went into the post office and then into the town hall to register me and Boo. She says now we are legal. It was a short trip and mom says it helps me to get used to the harness. I do not think I will ever get used to the harness.

When we came home I had lunch and played for a while. In the afternoon mom made a smoothie in her Vitamix. It is very loud but I have gotten used to it. She gave me a small piece of carrot and I liked it so she gave me a WHOLE one!
It makes my teeth feel good because it is cold and crunchy.

I still like my hoof better though.
If I had to choose, I'd take a hoof any day!

Dad's home, so I have to go and make him play fetch with me now!



  1. Sandy got used to the harness, she still whines because she thinks she should be in the driver's lap, but the harness is much safer, should anything happen. Stick with it Yoshi, you will get used to it!

  2. I agree with Mom and Anonymous the harness is a good thing. Now don't be obnoxious and learn to open the seatbelt. That would be a bad thing to learn.