Thursday, March 3, 2011

School Day!

Today mom left me home alone for five (FIVE!!) hours. I was in my crate upstairs. She gave me water and a rawhide and one stuffie. I wasn't really amused. I like it better when she is here with me all day, or when she takes me along. She needed to take Nana and Stacia, Nana's friend, to a place called Gould's where dogs are not allowed. She came home smelling a little bit like bacon and pancakes, so I am not sure how dogs wouldn't be allowed. After that she had a meeting with someone called Agent Linda at GoNOMAD, another place that didn't allow dogs. Sad thing when dogs are not allowed.
She came home and took me out for a walk. I had my lunch like always, and then she made me practice school stuff just for a few minutes, she said. I was not feeling it. She ran me up and down the road for a while, making me learn the difference between "halt", for which I have to sit, and just a regular stop where I have to stay standing up. Not sure I really get the point of this, but she says later on it will matter. We practiced about turns, and heel, which I think is really silly. I want to go my own way and do my own thing, and not have to be attached to that leash.

Speaking of leash. I do not like my Lupine. I want my old collar back. Mom is kind of getting frustrated with me about this. I think she needs to give me what I want. She wants what she wants. You can see how this could be an issue. She wins a lot, and I am convinced that she won't win this time. We'll see!
Tonight before school mom took me for a walk. We walked down the hill from home, where I had never been before. It smelled very interesting! One neighbor feeds the deer in his backyard, which makes mom very, very angry. She grumbled something about ticks and Lyme and idiots when we went by. All I know is I could smell DEER! We walked until a car came up the hill. I was a little afraid of the car, but then when it got closer it turned out to be dad's car. I jumped right in, and we headed for school.

We were a little late to school because dad's boss made him late. Mom hates to be late and she was not pleased. Tonight it was just me and Ama. Ama is a very smart dog. She's part Chow and part Golden Retriever. I did mostly good tonight. I had some wiggle issues, and I really did not want to sit and stay for a whole two minutes.
I decided to totally mess with mom on the collar issue. When we got there she went to take it off of me to show Pam how much I wiggle and squirm and act bad. I stood perfectly still and let her take it off. Then I stood perfectly still and let her put it back on. She did it two or three more times and I was perfect. I wore my training collar for class, and then stood nicely while mom put the Lupine collar on me to go home.

Then we came home and she went to take it off of me. I had a huge fit. I squirmed and wiggled and acted awful. I think this may be the MOST fun I have had in days!

While mom and dad were eating dinner I decided to chew on the leg of the dining room table. I am finding all of these fun ways to get mom's attention. Most of them only work once. Then she just gets all silent and moves me into a quiet place and ignores me. I am starting to think that if I do good things and act right, mom will pay attention to me, but if I do naughty things, she doesn't even flinch! You'd think she's done this before or something.
Yesterday Girl said that every single day I do something that reminds her of Kioshi and she thinks that's why she loves me so much. Mom said she thought so too, but that I am still very much my own dog. I am just glad they're happy, and love me!

I got busted this morning peeing on the floor in mom's office. Mom got mad at the pee puddle but not at me. So I guess maybe it shouldn't go there any more. I guess outside works better. When I go outside mom tells me I am awesome.

Sometimes I think these people are a little slow to train, but they are coming around!

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  1. Messing with Mom's mind is not a good thing to do Yoshi. Better think hard on that one.

    And making a piddle puddle at this point is definitely not your usual style or up to your usual standard. Better not have too many repeats of that behavior or you'll have Mom rereading Monks of New Skeet.

    What I'd really like to know is who buried you in stuffies? Looks like you behaved long enough for the picture.