Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Friends!

Yesterday was kind of dull. It rained in the morning, and Boo is still not feeling great.
He gets nothing to eat but rice now, which must be awful. I guess he has a "fussy stomach" as mom says. He eats things I would not even eat and I am a puppy! Mom says he is a goat who will eat anything and that's how he got a fussy tummy. I heard her tell a story about how one time he ate a whole big sheet of dirty butcher paper out of the trash. Mom had been in a rush and put it there instead of in the freezer where dogs can't get it. Boo stole it so quietly that mom never heard him. When she was not so busy and went back to get the paper, it was gone. She thought dad had put it in the freezer. I guess Boo ate the whole thing, in one big piece, without even tearing it into pieces. Mom knows because after two days all of a sudden he got sick and it came right back up in one piece. Another time he had to go to the vet for x-rays, and they found out he ate rocks. Another time it was a hairball, like CATS get! I hope I don't even become a goat. Mom says he's lucky he's alive and lucky he has not had to have an operation to take some of this stuff out of him. Then she says " far!". I think he's lucky too.

I did get a new friend named Yoshi (just like me, only he's GREEN!). He is fun, even though he does not have a squeaker.
I like to shake him as hard as I can, and chew on his head.

Today was much more fun. Mom went out in the morning for a while with Nana to the farmer's market. When she came home she and dad made apple crisp and started turkey soup for supper. I helped by staying right under moms feet in case she dropped anything. She only dropped one little piece of apple. Dad dropped one, too, but he was too quick and I missed it. I love apples.

Girl and Gerbil gave me a present!
It is bigger than me almost and I love to play with it!

I KNOW I can kill it!

The chickens were outside and I decided I wanted to eat them. Mom says I can't. She made me sit and stay right in front of them!! It was awful. I even whined a little. I think chickens are made to be eaten. Mom says I will learn that they are not "or else". I do not know what "or else" is, but I suspect it is not good.

I got my lobster cookie today! Mom said that it was not fair for me to not have it just because Boo is a goat who eats bones whole instead of gnawing on them like a normal dog.
It was very good, but very crunchy! I liked the yogurt frosting part the best.

Later we went to the Greenfield Farmer's Exchange for more food for me. I kind of had an accident there. I pooped on the floor, right where another dog had pooped before me. Mom was NOT happy. I am beginning to think that there are a lot of places I am not supposed to poop, and that pooping can ONLY be done outside. Dumb rule, but I suppose if that's what mom says I should probably obey.

After we got my food we went to visit Max and Milla, who live with my Grandma Judy and Grandpa Robert. Milla is a spaniel and Max is something like a Dachshund and something else all put in a blender. I had not met them yet. At first I was not happy. It's not my house and there were two dogs there and the whole house smelled like THEM. I was intimidated and it made me a little mean. After a couple of minutes and mom reminding me that I may NOT be mean to other dogs I relaxed and by the time we left Max and I were good friends.
I bet he is my best friend ever. He is only 9 months old, and I am 5 months old, and we played really hard for almost an hour. Mom said that I would be asleep in the car before we left the driveway and I almost was. We got about a mile down the road and I just crashed right where I was standing. I woke up every time we stopped or slowed down or turned a corner, but then I would just flop back down again. Once I fell asleep with my head on mom's lap and my butt still in the air. Another time I fell asleep with my butt on mom's leg and my head on dad's leg and my belly hanging down in between them.
When I am tired, I am TIRED!

There's rumors of a public walk tomorrow, an in-town one, and my nails again. That mom, she has a memory like a steel trap.

More adventure awaits!


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