Monday, February 28, 2011

The Longest Day

Today was very long and very dull. I did this a lot:
The only thing approaching excitement today was when mom proved to be serious about the whole vacuum thing. She plugged it in and turned it on. Then she made me get closer and closer to it, stopping when I got upset and staying in one spot until I relaxed. In the end I had to lay down right next to it. Then I had to do a couple of puppy push-ups while it was running! She's trying to kill me, I know it!! It was really hard not to freak out, but I did it. Then she let me go. She says we are going to do that every morning until I can lay down calmly next to it while it's moving. Pam, my teacher at school, said I needed to be bomb proof. Mom is taking that seriously. She says if I can handle the vacuum and the snowplow, everything else is a piece of cake. I don't know what cake is, but I hope it's good.

Other than mom tormenting me with the vacuum, the sky was gray and it rained all morning. But not just rain - it is something called freezing rain which apparently just means that I don't get to go out very much, and when I do it isn't a lot of fun.
The snow was frozen this morning, but melted underneath in the afternoon. I fell through a lot and it was not comfortable. I like to walk on the snowbanks, but that was hard to do for most of today. There was ice on everything. The steps, the railings, the trees. It smelled cold.
After lunch we went out again to get the mail and do chores. Dad was home all day, so he made sure the path was safe before we went outside. He also carried the orange water bucket for the chickens which was nice for mom. I am not afraid of the bucket or the water any more. I notice that it's turning on, but I don't care at all.
After chores we came back inside and were dull again. I tried to play with my hoof and my squeakies and my tennis balls and my rawhide for a while, but I just ended up doing this:
Because dad was home I got to play with him a lot more than usual. We played fetch and I also started learning how to jump over things some more. He makes me jump over his legs by teasing me with a toy. I like the jumping. We also practiced catching with small apple bits again, but I wasn't feeling it. Gray, dull day!
I found one spot where it stays cold all the time, so the snow doesn't melt. Look at me! I'm the KING OF THE WORLD! I bet you knew that, though, didn't you?

I'm hoping Grandma Judy can bring Max to meet me, or we can go there to meet him. He's closer to my age and size, and I bet much more fun than Boo. I could use a regular friend who's more my speed to hang around with. Cross your fingers for me!

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  1. Dear Yoshi,

    That couch looks very comfortable. Sure wish I could have been doing the same thing today with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Would have been a lot more enjoyable than a day at the office. As you grow older you will look forward to these kind of days.

    YUCK, wet snow! Thats the pits.

    Love You.