Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekends Were Made for Confusion

I think it's weird that five days a week dad leaves and it's just me and mom for most of the day, and then all of a sudden dad is here and doing strange things, like laundry. Mom never does laundry. She does a lot of dishes and a lot of cooking, but she does not do laundry. But dad does. But only on something called "weekends". Sometimes these people confuse me.

Take today, for instance. Mom spent most of the morning in her office doing the work thing, but dad, who usually leaves home to do work, stayed here all day. He wandered in and out doing laundry and something called "trash" and something else called "snow removal". See, confusing! I spent most of the morning in or near the office with mom. She moved my crate in there so I could nap by her desk, but she really ignored me a lot. I really do not like being ignored.

In the afternoon dad decided mom needed a break from work and so we went for a ride. But here's the really weird part - usually when we go for rides it's about ME. We go to school or we go to the yarn store to deliver eggs (but really it's about me learning new things and meeting new people). This time we just went to someplace called New Hampshire and I did... nothing! Dad got out of the car and made a bunch of noise that mom says was "just getting gas". Someone came along on a thing called a snowmobile which I was not impressed with, but mom said he was just getting gas too. Then mom and I stayed in the car while dad went into some store and bought stuff. Thing is, none of this was about ME. It was all errands that had nothing to do with ME!

I was pretty bored. I moved into dad's seat and napped. Mom just sat there. Boring! Cars came and went, and there were loud sounds, slamming doors, shopping carts, people talking. I don't really get what this was about, but mom says it's more of this socialization stuff. She seemed really happy that I was relaxed about the whole thing. I wasn't nervous at all.

After this very strange trip and I had to take a nap in my crate while mom and dad went to a birthday party for someone called April. I don't know what an April is, but it sounds lovely. I want to meet it soon.

When they came back I had supper and went potty, and then mom said we had company coming. I love company - so far, company has been all about ME! Mom said I would get to meet my spister. I didn't know what this meant. Apparently mom has what she calls a spid, which means "Spare Kid". The Spid and Girl (my sister) are spisters (spare sisters), which is something they made up on their own, and this means that the spid is my spister too. Are you following this? It took me a while, but I think I get it.

This is when I really got it:

Spister means FUN! Spisters are not like mom and dad. Spisters are giggly and cuddly and have no agenda. They are quick and they like to run and chase and throw and laugh and play! Spisters are AWESOME! My spister played with me - she threw my ball and I brought it back. She played hide and seek, but I found her before she was hidden. I lapped her face a lot. She laughed a LOT. She and I played with a new ball:

which I killed. I just wanted to pick it up, really. I bit and bit and bit and then POOF! There was a big puff of air and no more ball, just a loose floppy plastic thing. Not nearly as fun as a ball. Now it's just a big yawn. Mom had to throw it away.

Today was fun. I wonder what they have in store for tomorrow. For now it's time for bed, though. Good night!

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