Saturday, February 26, 2011

Strange Sense of "Weekend" Here.

It seems like we do stuff almost every day. That includes Saturday and Sunday. I guess tomorrow it is going to snow again, so that means a quiet day at home. Today was not exactly a quiet day at home.

Last night I found a sheep in mom and dad's room.
It is my job to kill it. I know this, even though mom says I may not.
I figured if she wouldn't let me have yarn, I could at least have sheep? Maybe not.
Today we went for a ride to Keene. I have not been to Keene before.
I like riding in the front. But I like the back too because my crate is there.
And when we take the truck I can hang my legs over the seats and watch the world go by!

We started at Achille Agway for Zuke's treats for me. I got to go inside. People petted me and talked to me. At Target I had to wait in the car. Mom got me a hoof at Agway so I was happy to lay in my crate and chew on it. Mom got me a pop-up crate, which is even easier to carry than my folding crate. She says that juggling my folded crate, the eggs, her bag, my bag (I have my own bag with water and treats and poop bags and things in it) was too much. This new crate folds into a little circle that fits IN my bag! Then mom and I walked from Target to Borders, past a string of other stores with sliding electronic doors and lots of people and movement and noise. We saw a lot of strangers. A lot of people look at me and smile. They must be saying nice things because mom says "Thank you!" ALL the time! Some people ask to pet me, and some people ignore me, so I ignore them. There's a lot of cars and noise. After we walked mom put me back in the truck and I waited while mom and dad shopped at Borders. They didn't come out with anything, and I wonder if the whole thing was just about making me wait in my crate.

We stopped at another store, but I got to wait in the car with mom while dad went inside. Mom said that I had been very good and she did not want to push it. I listened to the cars and people and noises from her lap. It gets easier the more I do it. I got so comfortable that I moved into dad's seat and laid down and relaxed a little.

We came home and I worked on playing with my new tunnel. Mom remembered this morning that she had a tunnel from when Aidan was small and she had dad bring it inside. I don't think Aidan is a dog, because it does not smell like dog. It smells like toddler. Or it did. Now it's MINE!
It's pretty cool. Agility, I think, will be fun!
Dad should do it with me, I think, because it seems like it will be so much FUN and he's a fun kind of a guy. Mom is more about being good and working. He will have to come to those classes too and see if it's something he wants to try with me.

Although sometimes dad does work stuff too. Today I found out that the stove, which keeps me warm during the day, needs to be cleaned sometimes. Dad empties it with a little shovel into the big bucket that I sometimes lose my tennis balls in. Those tennis balls, they jump around a lot!
Anyway, I wanted to help, so I got my face right in it. In fact, I got my face in at exactly the wrong moment and sniffed some ashes. I decided that maybe supervising was a better job for me instead.
Yeah. I liked this MUCH better!
I bet tomorrow mom and dad put me back on that table again and trim my nails. They are nothing if not creatures of habit. I need to go rest up so I am prepared for my token resistance!


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  1. The tunnel looks like lots of fun for someone just your size. Having Dad work with you on agility sounds like it would also be lots of fun.

    Glad you got to visit Keene. I used to live there 15 or so years ago. My youngest was born in Keene but the rotaries are new since we lived there. Kind of like the one by the Post Office but the one on Route 9 can be a bit more disconcerting.