Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am so BORED today.

Mom decided that she needed to amp up the whole "work" thing a little and as a result I am unbelievably bored. I tried to help her with work.
She was polite, but I sense she did not fully appreciate my artistic vision.
I tried to get her attention by sticking my head in the bag with daddy's sweater in progress, but she just closed the bag and ignored me some more. I am not amused. I should be amused. WHY is she not amusing me? If this is today's "new" thing I do not like it, not one bit.
And if she thinks the toilet paper tube is going to cut it, she's sadly mistaken. That was five minutes. And I am MORE bored.

My brother Daniel came to visit, so for a half an hour I was not as bored. He's in the Army. I like him. He came to get a package that mom was holding for him.
I am a proud supporter of the soldiers of the United States military. Girl says that I will also like Alex who is also in the Army. I believe her. I think I like all soldiers. Their uniforms help to show off my beautiful fur!
And they seem to like to play with me, which is very important!

Tomorrow I hope mom gets her head back on straight and remembers what life is all about. You know, don't you? It's all about ME.

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  1. ME, ME, ME, MINE, MINE, MINE! All in good time Yoshi. I think your Mom is teaching you that patience is a virtue.

    Maybe, without realizing it you learned and enjoyed something very important today. You learned how to appreciate our troops for what they do for us. You learned how important it is to support our troops with our love, affection and respect. And....you past it on.

    Well done little one.