Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Week

I have been here for one whole week today. It feels like home to me now. I have a schedule, two crates, a lot of toys, and awesome (if I do say so myself, since they're mine!) people.

Today's first new thing was "mom and dad cleaning the refrigerator". I got to help. There was a lot of noise and lots of things being moved here and there. They took the shelves right out and put them in the sink, which seemed to me to make no sense. I could help better if I could lick things. Instead I supervised very closely.
I wanted to make sure they put all of the important things back in, like my eggs. I like eggs.

The second new thing was mom's vacuum. I didn't love it when mom dragged it out of the closet. She got kibble and put it on the floor around the vacuum and I ate it. Then she put kibble ON it - and I ate that, too! I really didn't mind it much any more. But then Buffalo-Boo... he told me a secret that he says mom does not want anyone to know. He said that the vacuum is going to kill me. And I believe him. He's older, and he knows things. Now I hate it. And I am going to hate it for as long as I can! I hid in my crate until it was put away.

I also got to help with chicken chores again today, and this time I got to see the chickens up close. For about a half a second. They took one look at me and decided that I was a fox, and they started screaming and flapping and going very crazy. It was hysterical. Dad missed it, so when we were almost done and dad had come back into the barn, mom held me up so they could see me, and they did the whole thing again - wings flapping, screaming and squawking, feathers and dust everywhere. They are very funny!

I love it when Girl rubs my ears.

I just went out for a walk with mom and Boo. I love jumping on the snow piles and walking on them so I am taller than Boo. Mom said today that she wonders what I will do next week when the snow is almost all gone and I can't be taller than Boo any more.

I think I have the best life. And it keeps getting better!


  1. I think you're right, Yoshi!

  2. Yoshi, you kill me! And FYI, Boo is an instigator :)