Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Mom says I am a GENIUS! I stayed all night long in my crate. I woke up once and mom told me to go back to sleep, so I did! I did not have any accidents, and mom says that three days with no accidents in my crate or in the house means that I am housebroken, and if I have an accident it's her fault, or dad's and not mine!

I know these words mostly well:

Yoshi (that's ME!)
Bring it

I am learning:
Leave It

Words I hear a lot in the afternoons:
YOUR toys
Work (I do not like this word AT all.)

In the morning there is breakfast and play time. In the middle of the day is lunch then long walk and playtime and then nap. Mom ordered a gate for me and it comes today. She says I need to stay in one room. She says that while I am "charming" she needs to "get some work done". I think this means she thinks it's not all about me, but I think she's confused.

I learned about the dust mop the other day, and today mom showed me the broom. Basically they both do the same job - they get all the stuff on the floor into a nice pile to make it easier for me to pick out the good parts! The dust mop is more fun than the broom.

Daddy shoveled snow on Tuesday and I learned about the shovel. It's not as fun as the dust mop. It was a little fun, but then when Daddy really got shoveling it wasn't nearly as fun. I like it better when he works less and plays more.

Today I helped clean the toilet. The toilet it wonderful. It's like an endless water bowl where the dirty water goes away and clean water comes in when mom pushes a button. But she says I can't drink out of it! I will keep trying.

The gate arrived. The gate is something mom got to keep me away from the buffalo when he's being, as mom says, "pissy", and to keep me in one room. I do not like the gate. This is MY house, and I want it ALL.

The dishwasher is loud when it changes cycles. Today I was next to it getting a drink when it started and I jumped. It's ok now though.

Right now there's are bunch of animals outside making a lot of noise. I really do not like it at all. Mom says it's "just coyotes", but even the buffalo looks upset. I ran from window to window until mom put me in my crate. We are going to watch a movie that mom says will help us not hear the scary things outside.

There are so many new things here. It's exhausting!


  1. There, there little one. Life cannot always be relied upon to give us instant gatification. You are doing so well and I am so proud of both you and your Mom & Dad. I'm so glad that you are sleeping better. It is very important to your overall well being and your parents good health and patience with you.

    Love You!

  2. Hey Handsome, It sounds like you really are a genius.