Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Keep Teaching, They Keep Learning

I like the gate now. Mom lets me have rawhide when the buffalo and I are not in the same room, so the gate means I get rawhide. This makes me very happy.

Mom found special rawhide from cows that ate only grass, which made her happy. Now I have my own Amazon subscribe and save! Mom loves Amazon. It's where she got my daytime crate and my gate thing, too.

I had another good night, and then this morning instead of calling me over and keeping me in the kitchen while she made dad's lunch, mom let me wander a little. I pretty much stayed in the kitchen, but it was fun to have more freedom. I am learning the ropes and mom says I am "trustworthy in small doses", which I think is good.

Mom has been trying all kinds of tricks to get pictures of me. Most of them involve me as a blur or me trying to move while she tries to snap. It's fun, I think. It amuses her and I don't want her to be bored.

Tonight I started school. It was a lot of fun. There were other dogs there, and I am both the littlest and the youngest. One dog was bigger than the buffalo. His name is Bruno and he's a German Shepherd, and I was not afraid of him. I also met a Brittany and a mixed breed dog, too. Then when we were leaving I met a Golden Retriever who was very playful. I did sit, and down, and stand. Then Pam took me away from mom and had mom call me by my name and I totally ignored her because Pam had Really Good Stuff in her hand. Pam says mom needs to help me learn my name. I'd rather have the Really Good Stuff though.

Pam also says that I have excellent movement and that mom is going to have a lot of fun with me. She says I have Attitude, whatever that is. Mom seemed to know exactly what it meant, and was very happy.

Mom says someday maybe I can meet Sandy at school. She says I will like Sandy because she is more my size. I also have not met my cousins Milla and Max yet. I hope I can meet them soon, too. I want to have lots of friends!

This has been another very busy day with lots of new things. I wonder if every day will be like this. Tomorrow I am going to go to the yarn store to meet Auntie Kathy and a bunch of other people when we deliver eggs. But for now I need a long nap!

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