Monday, February 21, 2011

Recovery Day

That's what mom is calling today. She says I needed a break after the excitement of Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I am pretty sure this is an excuse for more of her work stuff.
This was today:




All of this was next to mom's desk while she was working. DULL!

In between there was some ball, some short walks, lots of petting and cuddles, some psycho dog, and a visit with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Karen.

But mostly it was: Chew. Nap. Chew. Crash.

I have the whole run of the first floor now, but I prefer to be near mom. Sometimes she takes a break and throws the ball for me. Other times she picks me up and hugs me and kisses my fur. I like that. We took a walk but it was not as long as it could have been. It is cold and it was snowing this morning.

Oh. I should tell you what psycho dog is. Psycho dog is when I race the length of the first floor in a big loop with my tail partway down and flying like a flag behind me. Sometimes I do it when mom is playing with me. Other times I do it when I am bored. Whenever I do it it is FUN and it makes mom smile.

I'm hoping tomorrow is more fun than today was. Mom has errands and she says I can go. I think there may be another field trip planned because I heard her say something about grain and shavings and dog food and I haven't been anywhere that sells that stuff yet. I think it will be fun!


  1. We called pyscho dog "rocket puppy" at our house. The dog loved it and we got a big laugh out of watching it. Sounds like sheep have been known to do something similar according to Juniper Moon Farms. Enjoy your outing tomorrow.

  2. I believe Mom should try and video you when you're doing your Psycho Dog move. Yup. I believe that'd be most fun! :)

    You're such a sweetie, Yoshi!

  3. When Sandy does it, we call it puppy crazies. She still does it at four years old, and she runs all over the furniture and floor. But she is little!