Friday, February 18, 2011

Mom's Day? If you say so.

I had this whole great plan to challenge mom this morning and howl like a banshee in my crate, but I forgot all about it. When mom went to take her shower instead of whining I got very quiet. In fact I was so quiet that DADDY got up after a little bit and let me out of my crate and praised me for being very, very good. Then he took me out to go potty. I love dad. He plays ball really well, and he likes to make me go fast chasing things, which I love to do.

Last night I had a kind of a rough night at school. First, there's the loud heater which I don't like much. Then a train goes by during class and I really do not like it. The whole place shakes and it makes all kind of squeaks and groans.

And then, well, really I am a baby and this whole thing where I am expected to pay attention for a whole hour really doesn't work for me all the time. The good news is that mom knew from the beginning that I would have to repeat class at least 2 times and probably 3 before I was grown-up enough to behave for the whole class time. I am still very little. She better not forget that. But I don't think she will.

Anyway, I got so bored that I laid down and wouldn't get up. Now, in my defense, this was after I spent 15 minutes playing really hard with another dog AND we were halfway into class. I had done a series of really perfect puppy push-ups both with mom beside me and in front of me. I also tried some loose lead walking, but since we haven't done a lot of regular walking this week (mom's so busy with her "work" nonsense!) that I didn't do so well at that, but I tried hard. But then I was pretty much done.

I was trying to let mom know that I was really done, and she totally did not get it. She kept right on with the happy voice and the treats I didn't even want any more. So I peed on the floor. And she didn't even notice it until after. I bet she got my point then! Dad even took my picture while I was peeing. Mom said "Gee. Thanks, honey." and dad laughed at her. That made me wag and wiggle a lot. I figure peeing on the floor at school is not the same as peeing on the floor in other places. I can tell that a lot of other dogs have peed there before me, so really it's like an obligation that I add myself to the mix.

Today was errand day and I LOVE errand day. After we visited the yarn store and delivered eggs we went to deliver eggs at the Elgar place. last week, remember, I stayed in the car. This week I got to go in. Something about mom and Katy having lunch or something. Well, here is what I know about this Elgar place. There are women.
LOTS of them. And they LOVE ME. I need to go back here again, for sure. (These pictures are not great because mom has flash issues, like she doesn't like to use it. And she forgot to change the settings on her camera. But you can get the basic drift. Adoration all for ME!!)
After the Yoshi Love Fest (that's what I call it) I needed a little nap, so I rested in Katy's office while she and mom took pictures of socks.
Then I decided to help, because I am like that!
I love to make people laugh, and Katy has a great laugh!

When they were done with the socks, we walked to Osaka (not the actual place in Japan, but a place in Northampton that has sushi) from Katy's office. Now, this is not a walk like at home where there's maybe a car or two. This is a city, with lots of cars, trucks, air brakes and even strange dogs. Two strange dogs came and met me. I was terrified and so I misbehaved and got very snappy. Mom told me that it was not ok to be mean even if I am scared. She has so many rules! Anyway, I made it to Osaka and back and didn't die even once, although I thought I was going to. Mom says now we have to walk in the city every week. I wonder if I had just toughed it out if she would have let me never go back there again. Oh well, too late now! Northampton, here I come! Hope you're ready for me!

Well, I have to go to bed now. Dad is taking mom out - apparently it is her birthday. I didn't get her anything. I hope she doesn't hold it against me. I know. When they get back from dinner, maybe I will let her pet my ears. That always seems to go over well.


  1. You did too give her something! A walk in Northampton. Maybe not the best behaved walk but you are still a puppy and learning new things everyday. That's another thing you are doing is continuing to learn. Good Boy Yoshi! And if you're good tonight maybe tomorrow she'll take some time off work to play with you.

  2. My Dear Yoshi,

    YOU.....ARE THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT! The gift that keeps on giving....for many years to come. Well thought out mind you.

    I am so proud of you and all that you are undertaking. You are wise beyond your short life and experiencing more than most companion dogs ever get the chance to at this age. I predict that you are going to be an ambassador for your breed with your Mom & Dad's help. Do not be to concerned with your ability to maintain concentration or energy at your age. You are young and tackling achievements that are very advanced for a pup your age.

    Luv U!