Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Scary Good Day

My name is Yoshi. I was born on October 18th, 2010. I have two brothers and one sister. We grew up together with our dog-mom and our first human-mom on Cape Cod. My name wasn't always Yoshi. This is my story.
A few weeks ago a Strange Lady and a Strange Man came to my house on the Cape to visit. They played with my  mom and dad, my aunts and my siblings, and with me. I liked them, and they said they liked me best of all my litter. I played fetch with the Strange Man, and he was nice.
I fell asleep on the Strange Lady's leg, and she said she was in love. I heard her say it, just as my eyes closed. Then they went away, and I wondered if they would come back to play again sometime.
One day one of my brothers went away. I missed him, but I still had my mom and my sister and brother to play with. This morning my human-mom brought me upstairs into the kitchen all by myself; my mom and my brother and sister stayed outside. I thought it was funny, but I had a good time being the center of attention. Finally people are learning that this is where I belong!

The Strange Man and the Strange Lady came back! I liked them as much as I did the first time I met them, and they really seemed to like me. I got a collar and a leash from my human-mom. She says that the Strange Lady is now called Mom and the Strange Man is called Dad. She gave the Strange Lady a bag with some toys in it, and they did something called "paperwork", and then I went outside with my new mom - I forget to call her that sometimes, but she says it's ok. I saw a car, and they even let me get in it! I was very excited. Then the Strange... I mean, then Dad and Mom took me for my first ride! It was a lot of fun. We started the car, and backed out of the driveway and then we drove for a little and then...

And then, today, I left home. At first I really wasn't sure if I was having fun or not. We went to the feed store and Dad bought a bag of my food, so I think they are going to feed me. A very nice Strange Lady at the feed store gave me a piece of chicken. It was very good. I am not sure if I can trust the new people or not, but Mom keeps giving me little bits of food now and then, and she holds me on her lap, and I think I will be ok.
I did not like the car ride. There were turns and I didn't like them. I wanted to throw up, but I was very brave and did not. I drooled a lot and made a big mess, but Mom said she had enough towels and it was fine. I thought it was gross. I felt better when we were on the straight roads.

We stopped at a rest area and I met a very old strange dog named Lucky. I liked Lucky and his mom. My mom says that it is more proof that I am going to be a very lucky boy - my new name, Yoshi, means good fortune, AND I met a dog named Lucky for my very first strange dog! She says I have a longer name, too. It's Cape Cod's Fortunate Son. I prefer Yoshi, because it makes more sense.

We had more time in the car, and then we came to what mom says is my Forever Home. We got out of the car and went for a walk and I met another strange dog - this one mom says is my brother, and his name is Boo-Boo. He does not look like a brother. He looks like a buffalo. And I think he smells like one too. He sniffed me a lot and I was scared, so I growled at him. He left me alone a little after that, and I felt very proud, but very scared.

I met my new sister, her name is Girl and she's a human even thought she's my sister. I think that's strange, but I like her a lot.

I came into my new house and found a whole basket of toys ALL for me, and a bed I can sleep in that is perfect for me. I like it a lot.

I met a strange orange thing that makes a weird sound when you touch it. It is called Mel, and they say it is a cat, but I think it is like me. It's orange and my size, so it must be. I will try to talk to it more another time.

At bedtime I went into my bed and cried myself to sleep. I like it here, I think, but I am not quite sure yet.


  1. My Dear Yoshi,

    I think I understand how stressful your first day away from home was. I did my best to prepare you for this day so that you would be as comfortable as possible. Teaching you about collars & leashes, crates & potty training, how to enjoy the company of humans as well as other dogs just to name a few. But the most important preperation was finding the perfect Mom, Dad & life long home. I know I did well in choosing your new Mom & Dad. They have a lot of dog experience and a great country home for you to enjoy. I have prepared them well for sharing their lives with a Shiba and they know how to reach me 24/7 should you or they have any questions. I will be checking in on you from time to time to make sure you are adjusting well. In the meantime please be brave and enjoy your adventure. We all miss you.
    Your human birth Mom.