Monday, February 14, 2011

She's GOT to be Kidding, Right?

This morning I think mom lost her mind. Instead of just giving me my breakfast like usual, she made me sit. Then she said a new word - she said "Wait." and put her hand in front of my face, with her palm facing me. She moved her hand away and I jumped up and she said "No. Wait." and used her hand AGAIN, blocking me from my food. She made me sit there for ten seconds before I could have my breakfast! Buffalo Boo was sitting behind me and he started to get up. Mom quietly said "Boo, wait." and Boo sat RIGHT BACK DOWN and WAITED!! He didn't even TRY to get his breakfast. We will just see about this nonsense. She doesn't know who she's dealing with, obviously.
Today is Valentine's Day, and I got a lot of love this morning from my Auntie Kathy. She blogged about me! She says she loves me. Of course, what's not to love, really? Mom says that this blog entry is not good for my ego and will make my head swell. My head doesn't feel any bigger, but my heart feels warm inside!

So far I have not wanted to go up or down the big stairs to our bedroom. They have no backs and are very scary and strange. You can see through everything everywhere and it kind of bugs me a little. This morning mom tried to get me to go down and I refused. She set me on the third step from the bottom and I sort of jumped all the way to the floor. After morning walk mom was working on supper (she likes to be ahead of things) and while her back was turned I went up the stairs ALL by MYSELF! Well, half of them. Then I got stuck. I didn't want to go any higher. And I did not want to come back down. Mom said if I could get up, I could get down. I was not happy. I acted very scared and waited for her to come and get me and she wouldn't! Can you believe it?

I decided I'd show her, and I ran down the stairs without any help at all. Then I realized that maybe mom had just tricked me, but she gave me a kibble and so I don't really care much now. This big baby act is not working at all. I find that frustrating.

There are already teeth where my baby teeth came out this weekend. I had "sockets" for two days, then thins morning where the sockets were, there's teeth! I am working hard now on the rest of my teeth with my rawhide. Growing up is getting kind of fun!

I stole mom's knitting today. And get this - she got mad at the knitting! She yelled at it and said it was bad and everything!
Apparently yarn and knitting are bad, bad things, and I think I will avoid them from now on.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers! May your life be as blessed with love as mine is!


  1. Ah, the dog's life ... well written.

  2. Very cute! As firefly said, well written!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Yoshi! I loved the video. Its so nice to see you moving around the room at less than 100 miles an hour. You have learned to chill out in just one week. I know that comes from having good, productive and supervised house time. Good Mommy, Good Boy.

  4. I just can't get over how good of a writer you are, Yoshi. And I'm an editor and author, so I know a little about such things. Do you suppose you could give writing lessons to my cats? Then, they could help earn their cat food.

    You're getting more handsome every day.

  5. I'm with you Ida. Yoshi is a wonderful writer! He certainly knows how to draw the reader in.