Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today is Sunday.

Mom is threatening to give me a bath and the only thing that's restraining her is the cold weather. I am glad because I really don't want to be sopping wet when it's 20 degrees outside. I still had to have my nails clipped and my coat brushed and my teeth checked. Apparently this is some sort of family ritual. Dad and mom both get in on it, Boo gets his nails done, too, and in the end we get treats so I guess it's OK.
Not my favorite activity, but not the worst thing they've thrown at me either. Mom seems to think that eventually she will be able to do this without dad helping. We'll see. I'm not planning on being that comfortable with the whole thing just yet!

I am starting to really get along with my brother. He doesn't understand me sometimes, and other times I don't understand him, but we are working it out. I definitely have issues with anything edible around him, and he definitely is stealing my stuff every chance he gets. Mom says it is sad how quickly he backs down when there's a "discussion". She thinks he should paste me one, but he just runs away and lets me have my own way all the time. I think this is as it should be.

Clancy the tortoise, whatever that is, makes noise in his tank all day. Mom says he has just come out of hibernation and it full of vinegar. Someone should wring him out. he bangs and crashes randomly and I don't like random noises. It makes me jumpy. I'm adjusting, but not impressed at all.

Today we went for a ride to Home Depot and I was left in my crate in the car while the 'rents went inside. I laid down and was quiet the whole time. Really, what else was there to do? As long as I have my crate and can feel safe I don't mind sitting there for a little bit. It's cold today, and they were gone for about ten minutes.

After Home Depot we were going to go visit Grandma Judy and Max and Mila, but Grandma Judy was working. Instead, we went for a walk on Federal Street. There were a lot of cars but not a lot of people. I was very nervous, but mom made me walk anyway. We walked until I started to loosen up and feel comfortable. My head came up and my gait relaxed and I stopped weaving and darting (or trying to dart - she keeps a grip on that leash, mom does!) around. I guess they are going to do this with me at least once a week until I "adapt". Mom said it was so much work for her that she needed a mocha from Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters (where dogs are not allowed). Dad and I went to the car to wait, and I fell asleep on her seat as soon as we got in. When she came back with her mocha and dad's cinnamon bun thing, I did not want to move into my crate. I slept all afternoon. Cities make me very tired, and mom says I have to keep going back until they don't make me tired any more. That could be a long time if I have anything to say about it!

Tonight we are going to be peaceful at home. I've played a lot of ball today with dad and mom and Girl and Gerbil. I am practicing coming when called, which is not my favorite thing but I am improving. When mom calls I come right away when we're home. I respond to everyone else, but not as fast. After all, they're not MOM!! I am getting really good at "off" and am working on "wait" and "stay". We walked on our road today too, and practiced stopping and turning. My leash is not as loose as mom wants, but I will get there.

Oh! This afternoon I got to be a fox! A chicken jumped into the garden and got stuck. The garden is very deep with snow; way over my head if I was heavy enough to fall through it. Mom and I got into the garden and I chased it out. It was so afraid of me that it went right over the fence without even thinking about what it was doing! This is how cold it is today - mom didn't even fall through the snow, but you could tell she was afraid she might. She walked very carefully!

I think tomorrow may be pretty boring. Mom's working now and she seems pretty intent on working more this week. Then she says things will slow down and we can do more stuff away from home. I am not sure how I feel about that, but she's the boss. She thinks!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty full day for you. Glad Mom is taking the city thing pretty easy. It's good to be adjusted to different environments.