Thursday, February 17, 2011

No, Really, My Mom is CRAZY!

You will not believe how my day started! First mom started off by making me be quiet in my crate before she let me come out. Up until now I've been able to whine a little in the morning, and then I get louder, and she gets dressed and gets me up. Today she said that since I am so well potty-trained she is pretty sure I can hold it quietly for five minutes while she gets dressed and brushes her teeth. So apparently the new rule is that I have to be quiet in my crate - no whine, no bark - before she will let me out. I think I've got it. I expect to challenge her again in the morning, but so far she seems to be pretty consistent and mostly I have learned to just give her what she wants for the sake of peace. And besides I love her. She smells like kibble, and she rubs my ears.

Anyway, I did as she asked and was very quiet, and then I had my potty time and breakfast and more potty time and then unstructured playtime like always.

But then something happened to Mom's brain. I think it happened around the time she came into the house from outside, swearing and grumbling about snow in her shoes and models and co-operation and t-shirts outside when it's not yet 40 degrees. The next thing you know she's got me on the couch.

And then she wrapped me in these things, these flowery things, which seemed really fun to play with - but she actually expected me not to play! She made me sit and wait and then she said I was amazing and beautiful, which got my attention - well, that and the salmon kibble she was holding.

I will say this - being wrapped in Artyarns Cashmere Glitter and Beaded Cashmere and Sequins is not a bad way to start the day. It would have been much more fun if she's let me just shred it though. Picky!

There was way more of that Work nonsense today. Annoying. I am working, too, on making trouble in the office. Mom put the treadmill deck up and hid both pair of shoes. She has regular sneakers and something called VFF's which I find, frankly, quite tasty. Apparently this is "bad". Maybe if she put them away it wouldn't be as much of a problem. 

She's learning. I also discovered that she is a lousy housekeeper in certain areas and made it my responsibility to help her out. First, the slider tracks are filthy! She claims that it's "just winter" and "the vacuum was broken until this weekend", but I think she may be full of it. You wouldn't believe what I found in that track!

And dust bunnies! This was my first one. My first mom, Charleen at Cape Cod Shibas, NEVER had anything like this. Again with the excuses - mom claims that this one was under the treadmill. She says she hasn't had the deck up all winter. I say it wouldn't kill her to get under there and sweep once in a while, regardless.

I will say dust bunnies are pretty tasty and a lot of fun, but they make my eyes water. Mom took it away and washed my face off. Sometimes she has no sense of fun. Flower garland: yes! Dust bunny: no? Silly mom!

Today we had a stranger visit. But then it turned out that this was my GRANDPA! I have a grandpa! I liked him a lot. He gave me kibble, and petted me, and laughed, and told me I looked like a fox. He held me on his lap and I liked it a lot. I like that he talks to me directly. And he's warm and smells like coffee and something called Tucker.

School is tonight. I hope I am ready! I practiced my sit and down and stand earlier. My leash-walking leaves, mom says, a lot to be desired. Maybe once this "Work" is done we can spend more time taking longer walks and I will improve. Mom says there is plenty of time for me to learn. She says we have a lot of time ahead of us. That makes me feel very good inside. I think it makes her eyes water a little. I love her a lot, the softie! 


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the tales of Yoshi. Will you consider going beyond 100 days??

  2. I enjoying your adventures and daily updates. You are a handsome model. Red is a good color for you and I think the "flowery things" may have a future. You are growing so quickly. Your tail is getting nice and bushy and your eyes have such sweet expression and sincerity.

    Love You!

  3. Love your GRANDPA too. We can never have enough people in our lives to love us!

  4. I love Yoshi's posts. There's always something to look forward to.