Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank Dog It's FRIDAY!

It snowed almost all day today. I like the snow. I don't like it when it is in my eyes, though. It blew around a lot today and that made it not always the most fun.
I do like romping and running in it though, even though it was the thick heavy kind.
And I tried to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

Because we could not deliver eggs today (mom won't drive in the snow and dad took the truck to Keene for work, so even if she wanted to go she didn't have the right vehicle) mom had to work on thinking up something new and fun for me to do today. We did chores, which I am getting more used to. Mom hooks my leash to the dog park hook that dad put in the barn for Dazee so I can't run over to the door while she's feeding and watering the crazy chickens. Boo is loose in the barn, which seems unfair to me.

Mom also shoveled some of the snow that had fallen from the roof onto the walkway. She made Boo and I stay in the barn with the door closed while she did it. I was not impressed. I wanted to help, but she said that my way of helping wasn't really helping. I think she just has a very narrow view of what "help" really is.

When mom does chores, this is what happens. We fill up a bucket with water and we bring the bucket and the egg basket up to the barn. I get parked on the hook, mom closes the barn door so we are all locked inside and she gets to work. She refills the chickens' waterers and their feeder, and sometimes gives them treats, like bread from the bread store in Brattleboro. She buys a LOT of bread at one time and it lasts the chickens for a long time in the winter. The like it because it is different than their normal boring food on days when they can't get out to play. It gives them something to do.
This is Chicken Spot who waits for mom every day on the waterer. She has to be petted before mom can change the water. She likes to be rubbed around her head and under her chin. I think that's weird for something that's not a pet.

Then mom gathers the eggs (she calls it "stealing all the babies") and puts them into the basket, and we leave the barn and usually then we get the mail. Today there wasn't any mail, just snow.

On the way back to the house Boo always acts like he is really interested in the basket with the eggs, which I never quite understood. Until today.

MOM GAVE ME AN EGG!! ALL my own!! She gave it to me and I tried to take it inside, but she said no.
Then she made me take it down into the yard, and I had the BEST time playing with it!!

She gave Boo an egg too.

He didn't eat his. He dropped it and laid down on it. He's strange sometimes. And boring.

I played with me egg for a long time. I threw it into the air, I dug for it in the snow, I carried it around. After a really long time it all of a sudden popped open! I thought that was pretty gross until I got a taste of what was inside. Maybe I am a fox, because mom says foxes steal eggs, and that egg was a really good thing to eat! She made me leave the shell behind, which made me kind of mad, but I let it go. I didn't forget though, and I won't. Next time she better watch me close!

Mom has almost chosen a Lupine for me. She says she likes Lupine a lot, especially their combo collar which is a lot like my martingale - really hard to get out of. Every dog here always gets their own Lupine print that they have for their whole life. Boo has moose on his set. It's called Moose Tracks. Dazee had two; Flutterby that Nana bought her and then Cherry Blossom that mom bought because she liked them better. Kioshi's is so old that when mom tried to show me the picture on the Lupine site it wasn't even there! Anyway, she has had a hard time deciding which one is right for me. Apparently even if I manage to chew through my leash, Lupine will send mom a new one. She knows it's true, too, because Kioshi once chewed through her leash when someone (not mom) left her tired up outside unsupervised. Mom learned a lesson and never left her with anyone again. But Lupine replaced the leash for free, anyway, so now mom really believes in them. It's now a choice between a brand new pattern called Earth Day one called Peace Pup, and another one called Silverado. Mom says that if she were rich she would buy them all, but one is enough. I think if she bought them all dad would need to get her therapy. I can only wear one at a time after all! It's a tough decision, though. Which one do YOU like?

Tonight we had supper kind of late because mom was waiting for dad to come home and play with somebody named Ginger. I never met Ginger before, and I did not understand what Ginger has to do with my supper. I did not like waiting.

Dad came home a while ago and I heard a lot of noise outside, new noises, that mom said were "Just dad and Ginger". I still did not know who Ginger was. After some more time, mom let me and Boo have supper. Then we went out for our walk, and then I saw Ginger.

I hate her. I tried to run back in the house but mom would not let me. Instead she picked me up to carry me past Ginger - dad had just left her sitting there making a TON of noise and being very rude - and then Ginger TRIPPED MOM on the stairs! I know it was Ginger because mom has never fallen down like that before. Mom didn't say anything, she just got back up and carried me around Ginger so I could go potty. Once we were far enough away I did what I needed to do, and mom brought me back toward the house. I got about three feet from Ginger, nervously, but then I had enough and tried to climb a snowbank to get away from her. Mom picked me up again and carried me onto the deck and set me down. I put my ears flat and my tail between my legs and I went right to the door and waited for mom to open it. I do NOT like Ginger at ALL!

Mom says soon the snow will be gone and Ginger will stay in the garage until next year. I hope the snow goes away soon. Mom and dad talk about hiking in the woods in the spring, and I think I will like that a lot!
For now I am going to go rest with my Sock Monkey. This has been a very busy day, and we didn't even leave home!


  1. Dear Yoshi,

    I understand why, you do not like Ginger. She is a BEAST! But, Dad has invited her into the family and will get a lot of enjoyment out of her. You should try to love and embrace her. I know it will be hard to share Dad with Ginger, but she serves a very important purpose.

    I so enjoyed watching the video of you and your egg. I can't believe you kept it intact as long as you did. You are hilarious!

    As for the new Lupine collar: You look good in bright colors. With that in mind I would choose the Earth Day or Peace Pup. The Silverado may be to bland for your coat color.

    Sleep well sweet Prince. You've had a busy day.

    Luv U.

  2. Yoshi,

    You are a very entertaining animal. I am thoroughly enjoying your daily life story. Because you are such a bright, energetic dog who really seems to try to get along with everyone, I cast my vote for the PeacePup collar.

    A fan

  3. The egg looks like it was a ton of fun. Glad you enjoyed the insides as much as the outsides. I wonder how long you will play with the next one Mom gives you?

    My vote is for Earth Day but Peace Pup holds a close second place. Wonder which one Mom and Dad decided on?

    I expect we'll see it soon enough. Have fun this weekend.