Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Falling Behind

Nana is sometimes sick now and that takes a lot of mom's time so I don't get to blog as often as I would like lately.

We have more baby chickens now, and I want to eat them all.
I think it is very unfair for them to be RIGHT there and me to be a hunting dog by nature, and not be allowed to hunt them all.
We had a very busy Wenesday last week and I got to do a lot of things and go to a lot of places. In the morning we went for a woods walk.
I have decided that I like going into the woods with mom maybe even better than the yarn store or school or visiting nana at The Arbors.
We found a tree down across the road. I was all for turning back, but mom said no.
We went around it and kept on our path. That day I saw a waterfall, a lot of birds, and I tried to bring home a stick. Mom says we have sticks at home.
After that we went to the yarn store just to buy yarn, and then we went to the Arbors to see Nana and April. April is moving to Texas!
I was asleep on the floor when this picture was taken. It was a really busy day!

Mom's new book came from the publisher and I helped by carefully sniffing each box to make sure it was safe.
Dad just carried them. I think my job is more important. Anyone can carry things, but only I can smell for safety!
After the books came inside, I got to play rough with dad. I love playing rough with dad.
He is very good at playing. We play fetch almost every morning and every evening, and then sometimes we get to wrestle and something mom calls "tussle".
It is FUN whatever it's called!
It is a good way for me to get out my energy, and I have a lot of energy.

School this week went very well. Whenever I have a problem it is usually mom's fault. She's working me with no treats now because I cannot have any for my test. I am not sure why people would obey when there's no food, but I am trying. It would be a lot easier if there was food! Mom thinks if I have a good night on test night, I will pass. She says if I have a bad night or if the train comes, there's no way. I'll show her.

We went for a walk the other day while nana was doing some shopping. It was an in town walk and there was a lot of noise and chaos. Mom made me heel, and I did some turns and halting and stuff and I stayed right by her and my leash was loose almost the whole time!
I was SO tired after just a short time in town that I crashed right on the seat next to mom with my head still up.

My friend Gail is also called the Kangaroo Dyer and she dyes yarn. She has dyed a color that look just like me!
It will be available soon from Webs and I will post all of the information here when it's ready. I hope it's named after me. I love Gail a lot, and not just because she dyed yarn that looks like me. It's exciting!!

This week another one of my brothers, the ones without fur, came to visit and cut down trees outside. I did not like the chainsaw at first. it took me a while to get used to it, but now I don't mind so much. I still do not like it when trees fall at all, but I am not barking as loudly when they do.

Mel and I play together a lot now.
For a while mom thought I was chasing him and tormenting him.
The other day he actually did stuff in front of her, so now she knows it is not my fault. Mel teases me all the time.
He teases me to get my attention, and then he sits in the chair and bats at my head and tries to get me in trouble. It's a good thing I like him or I would think he's not very nice!

Dog school tomorrow, the last class before our big test next week. We are going to go for a walk in town, which will be fun now that I am more used to being in town. Wish me luck! I think we are going on Main Street where there are even more cars than I am used to!


  1. Oh Yoshi those chickens aren't prey. You should want something that is more of a challenge. From what I've read here Mom and Dad have some ideas on that.
    Good luck on your test next week. I know you can do it if you stay focused.
    Sorry to hear about Nana. Prayers for Mom and the whole family.
    Hugs and skritches,

  2. lol at the 'and I want to eat them all'...:)